Kabbalah Isn’t Involved With Predicting The Future

laitman_219_01Question: How does the future of humanity look from the vantage of the spiritual world?

Answer: I cannot say. One can only envy people like Wolf Messing who were able to predict the future and speak about future states of man and humanity, but they do so only on the corporeal level (beastly).

The wisdom of Kabbalah also lets you do that, but the Kabbalists don’t use it.

But what Kabbalah really makes possible is the ability to manage the future, to bring it to a better state. Therefore, I cannot predict it, I don’t know it. I can say only approximately what states await us, but what they really will be depends only on us humans.

The wisdom of Kabbalah isn’t involved with predicting the future but in the improvement of the general situation of mankind. Thus, it is now that it is specifically being revealed in order to raise humanity to the next stage. Ahead of are still many stages of development. We think: “The universe has been in existence for 14 billion years! The Earth has existed for 4 billion years! Humanity has existed for a few thousands of years! And our era has existed for tens of thousands of years.” These measures seem enormous to us.

But in fact, in comparison to other measures, it is in total a very short period of time. It isn’t even measured in seconds since time only flows in relation to us.

Ahead we have many more steps we have to go through: we need to exit our current situation and enter into the next, and from that one to the next one, etc. Kabbalah speaks of a huge cycle that we need to undergo. So we should not dwell too long in this stage, it is not so comfortable.

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