Movement According To The Ray Of Light

laitman_293Question: Baal HaSulam, the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th century, wrote in one of his letters about the possibility of a Third World War and even a fourth. What do the Kabbalists think? Will this happen or not?

Answer: The Kabbalists see the general system of management, the possibilities that are ahead for us. They see that freedom of choice exists for every person and for all of humanity.

There are two ways by which we move through all kinds of states: the way of suffering and the way of Torah (Light).

If we want to go according to the usual route of physical life, we think only about that and don’t invest effort in lifting ourselves above our world so this world will begin to bring us into an even greater blind alley ultimately compelling us to ascend.

However, before we decide to begin our ascent, we would experience intense suffering, including World Wars Three and Four, and other terrible situations. We see that nothing is changing for the better in the meantime.

Question: In other words, World Wars Three and Four are latent in the higher plan, and now everything depends on how much we, humans, are consciously included in the program of nature.

Answer: Not only this, latent in the program of nature are ecological problems, hunger, climactic blows, earthquakes, etc. All of this is for the purpose of shaking us so that we would feel a need for the next level of development, but all of this is through the beastly perception of the physical body.

However, if we want to raise ourselves spiritually, we combine this with completely different forces because we would begin to influence the system of management itself! Our lowest system won’t obligate us to go out to the next level. Rather, we ourselves voluntarily ascend to it.

Then, our participation would seem different, and the world would become wonderful. We would become integrated wisely in its management and go forward. We would understand why. This would change our lives completely and our attitude toward them.

A movement like this is called movement according to the ray of Light. The Light is ascent above our beastly existence. It is a desire to approach something higher.

The system of management is found above me. This is what I must understand, knowing that I must be integrated into it. The approach toward this is called the movement of the Light. Every person must go through this, and those who have not gone through it will go through it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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