Under The Protection Of Nature

laitman_933Question: What determines a country’s strength—a large nuclear arsenal?

Answer: Weapons define nothing. Even belonging to military blocks or the protection of the strongest countries in the world doesn’t guarantee safety.

It’s the same as being in the pack of vicious dogs; you don’t know who they will bite the next moment. The only chance to defend ourselves is obtaining similarity with the upper force. Only Israel is capable of becoming the strongest nation in the world. The entire world depends on Israel.

The upper force is the general force of nature that supports all of its parts: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. We exist in the power network that governs us and stimulates our advancement.

First, on the face of Earth emerged inanimate nature, then appeared a vegetative layer, then animals, and the last was the human. Of course, it wasn’t accidental.

Our ignorance about the higher system of governance doesn’t release us from its impact. I have been studying this system for forty years now; I know its laws, formulas, methods of communication to ensure its positive response.

If Israel behaves correctly, the upper governance will organize the world in a way that nobody will ever hurt us or approach us with negative thoughts. Intifada, wars… will stop! All countries will be our best friends.

Question: Which force can defend us?

Answer: It’s the general force of nature that commands our thoughts and desires and defines our actions. Where do we get our thoughts and desires from? We obtain them from the network that governs the world.

We are inside a rigid and accurately organized system that rules us. Scientists confirm that every day a more intense connection among microbes, particles, waves, thoughts, desires, organisms… is discovered.

It only seems to us that each body lives its own life, but there is a cloud of numerous influences around us. The clouds “overlap.”

If we want to know how to provide strength and security, we must know the nature of the overall system. Otherwise, what makes us different from animals, they do not know what will happen to them in the next moment?
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/8/15

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