Pragmatism Is The God Of Modern Life


Question: Life in today’s world is changing rapidly. Terrorist forces are starting to come to power. The former difference between stronger and weaker countries is fading. A terrorist organization can come to power in a very strong country, and the lives of all its citizens will be in danger. This can go on indefinitely, and a strong power will never conquer the weaker one. What does it mean to be a strong power in the modern world?

Answer: There is an inner engine of humanity’s development called “time.” With time many things change. Geological periods change, and they pertain to the development of inanimate nature, followed by periods of development of the vegetative and animate nature. Humanity develops as well, and one social formation replaces another.

Everything changes with time, and there is nothing that arises once and stays stable and inviolable. A certain inner program acts within nature, and accordingly we develop from one state to another.

All parts of humanity sway, like waves in the sea: one rises, another falls. Moreover, we all are dependent on each other, and this dependence  becomes stronger from the twentieth century onward. Therefore, we cannot decide anything for the future.

There are about fifty main instrumental countries in the world, each of which affects the others. It is just as impossible to make any prognosis as it is to foresee a hurricane, tsunami, a volcanic eruption, or an explosion at a nuclear power plant.

Who could have imagined that Europe would face a wave of immigrants? All phenomena are connected with each other, we just don’t see this connection. The world develops according to our inner program, which is unknown to us.

And we are surprised that there is no stability or proper connections. Everything changes suddenly. Over the past ten years we witnessed so many rises, ascents, falls, and crises—more than over the course of the whole millennium before.

Therefore, we cannot say which country is strong and which is weak. A country may be strong for some very limited period of time, and also it is quite relative. After all, strength implies an ability to guarantee our safety tomorrow. But tomorrow is uncertain for everyone. Time is compressed and hastened so much that it is impossible to foresee anything.

We see the countries that once were powerful fall and crumble. The Soviet Union is falling to pieces and Europe is overcome by crisis. And the intention was so great: to create a common European market, to reach unity in Europe. It would seem that this was the beginning of a good future for humanity.

At first people were so inspired and had so much hope for this unification. People thought that they were building an amazing new world. But just look at how the situation has changed over some twenty years or so.

My friend, who worked with the Committee of European Unification in Strasburg, said back then that at the basis of this unification were simple economic calculations. It was a market transaction, not a union.

No matter what unifications we try to create (Russia, China, Brazil, the European Union, America-Canada-Mexico, or the Trans-Atlantic Alliance, etc.) we just fall into further despair of our inability to reach unity on any scale: small or large.

Even the institution of marriage is falling apart. Once people had an inner aspiration to at least unite with close ones: spouses, parents, children, neighbors, inhabitants of the same village or town, work colleagues, or citizens of the same country. But today it has vanished completely.

One leaves his family with ease and moves to another country without feeling any nostalgia for his homeland. He lives in a foreign country where he also cares about nothing except his own well-being, as though he is living in space.

All of the previous connections between people that existed throughout history and gave a certain form to human society fail to work today.

We wander around the world like shadows, without noticing each other, sticking our noses into our cell phones. What powerful country can we talk about if nothing draws a person to his homeland and people only are guided by their pragmatic calculations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/8/15

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