“I Do Not Believe Hawking”

laitman_739Question: The famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking believes that in order for the human species to continue to exist, it must settle on other planets. He is convinced that in another 100 years we will live on Mars, we will get energy from black holes, and we will create our own black holes. Hawking has lots of vitality and imagination.

Answer: Of course, these are fantasies. So, it would seem that we have had enough of life on Earth and we would run away from it to Mars. Then, we would jump from Mars to other planets and leave behind us everywhere the same civilization that we have on Earth.

What would force us to leave Earth and move to living on Mars? Our miserable, wretched development! So, would we run away from ourselves to Mars, establishing a colony there identical to the one on Earth? Why do we need to do this? What do we need energy from black holes for? Must we make black holes inside ourselves?

Without a person’s changing, there is nowhere to move! What is the point?!

Hawking is always dreaming that the conquest of heavenly bodies, which are actually stones, will provide humanity with happiness.

I remember how I dreamt about other planets in my childhood. I was ready to fly there and not come back.

Then what? What for? How would that be beneficial?

Suppose that I landed on Mars. I would go out, look around, and see that everything is empty and quiet. What would we do there? Would we reproduce in space suits? Would we sit in hermetically sealed houses?

Relationships between us would remain the same as they are on Earth. Well, we would duplicate the Earth in some additional forms? Unhappy Earth!

As long as we don’t change humanity, we have nowhere to go. Why do we need to spread the infection across the cosmos? Does this sum up the dream of the astrophysics? I don’t understand this scientist!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/30/16

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  1. Herr Laitman,

    As you teach a science which is not for understanding how can you then say you are against it,( Does this sum up the dream of the astrophysics? I don’t understand this scientist! )
    Many dont understand yours either !!!!

  2. @Gunter

    You will get to understand when you ATTAIN that your perception changes outside to inside because there is nothing outside of US, or you! So it’s always funny to see how people dream about Mars or some other rock where they can can live when there is infinite world we can enter right now. Basically Hawking is correct but it’s another dimension where we should go. Interesting times, these kinds of statements what Hawking says rises everywhere in humanity until they mature slowly through all kinds of trouble.

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