An Integration Oath For Immigrants

laitman_273_02Question: The Belgian government is looking for ways to restore a sense of security in the country and to protect its citizens from acts of terrorism. Following the last terrorist attack in Belgium in which 35 people were killed, the authorities have decided to oblige the immigrants who are not from the EU countries to sign an integration oath declaring that they accept the local values.

Only when they sign it will the refugees be allowed to live in the country. The document includes a pledge to prevent any attempts to commit terrorist acts, and to report any such planned actions.

Answer: There is a very simple method to tame animals by reward and punishment. We can tame tigers, bears, or any other animal without a problem by showing affection and patting them.

But it is impossible to tame humans, especially those who have an ideal and a goal. Therefore, signing such a document doesn’t guarantee anything.

Question: Interestingly, Belgium has not decided to stop the absorption of immigrants but only to oblige them to take an oath.

Answer: Of course, it is all good European behavior, but it will not work. If the Europeans want to put an end to terrorist attacks, they will have to fully comply with the immigrants, carry out their demands, convert to Islam, go to the mosque, etc. Once this is done and the absorbing country adopts this policy, the terror wave will cease. By the way, converting to Islam is a very simply process. So, if the Europeans are looking for a way out, the process of converting to Islam is the only solution for them.

Question: What will happen if they decide to close the borders and a right-wing fascist party takes over?

Answer: It won’t help. European tolerance still will lead Europe to destruction. Moreover, everything is done by the upper leadership in order to direct the Europeans, the immigrants, and the terrorists against Israel. Soon, a crusade will be launched from Europe against Israel.

Question: Why will everyone be against Israel?

Answer: Why did Hitler do that in his time, not only in his country but other countries as well?

Hitler conveyed a very clear message: the Jews are the source of all of the evil in the world and their common mission was to annihilate them. He his supporters that the only thing that stood in the way and separated people were the Jews, and if they were eliminated, people would be able to establish friendly connections between them, the right mutual connections and love.

Question: Will Europe eventually reach this conclusion?

Answer: Of course, Europe will become Nazi, and the Moslems will run this movement. Everything will be directed against the Jews in Europe and the State of Israel until we understand that we can resist that only by the unity between us.

The unity of the Israeli nation is essential to the world, not only in order to be saved, but also in order to reach the next level of our development and fulfill the goal of creation.

Question: These are very high words for an ordinary person.

Answer: If we don’t fulfill our role and unite, new gas chambers will force us to do so.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/3/16

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