How Can We Turn Foes Into Friends

Laitman_632_3Question: How can we turn foes into friends? For me, it is like climbing Mount Everest.

Answer: You don’t have to do that. The Light will do it for you. We don’t have to correct ourselves in any way. If we try to do so we will only ruin everything, collapse with exhaustion, and curse the whole world.

We have to do something that’s totally different; we have to ask the Creator, the Upper Light, to do it since only He corrects everything. I have to tell Him that I want Him to correct this and that, and He will correct it. I don’t correct anything by myself. How can I do that? What tools do I have?

This is the main thing!

A person scolds himself for being evil, but it is the Creator who operates him. He scolds himself about his past and about the mistakes he made, but the Creator did everything. A person cannot prepare for anything since the Creator does everything. Everything is done on purpose only so a person will beg, ask, and convince the Creator to correct him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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