The Way To The Creator Is Through This World

laitman_423_02Question: If the thought of creation is predetermined and we will all attain the Creator whether we like it or not, and the only free will we have is whether to accept His leadership or not, we may say that freewill is an illusion.

Answer: Although the thought of creation and a person’s ultimate state are predetermined, the way we accept the Creator’s leadership is very important because it is only by the right perception of the Creator’s attitude to a person that one can bring Him contentment.

First, being in our world, which is the lowest of all the worlds, and the circumstances we live in help a person reveal the right attitude to the Creator.

Second, the fact that the end is predetermined should not bother us since the Creator is concealed from us anyway. So it is actually when a person aspires to reach Him and tries to choose the way that the Creator would choose that he attains His thought in this motion, His mind, His attitude, His goal and His relationship.

A person needs this world because although he doesn’t feel the Creator, doesn’t see the ultimate goal, and doesn’t know how to advance toward it, he has the elements that motivate him to search and to try to act properly. It is in his search for the right motion forward that he begins to feel the Creator, to perceive Him, to absorb His attributes, His thoughts, and His feelings, and thus becomes equal to Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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