Make The Right Choice And You Will Be Blessed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: So when does a person come out of the desert if it is all up to the Creator’s desire?

Answer: Not everything is up to the Creator since if it were so, why should He have had to create all of creation? A person is given an element called freewill and by using it the created being determines that he is independent. This is the reason for all creation, only for this one point, for this discernment. All our work is to develop it and everything else doesn’t count at all, since everything is actually on the Creator’s account. The Creator plays with different conditions around us, but tries to raise the created being by that, so that he will be like Him.

So, on the one hand, the Creator controls each and every state, of course. On the other hand, His domination is up to a point in which we need to choose. The moment we reach that line and go through four phases of development, since every state has its own HaVaYaH, everything depends on our response, on whether we use all the means that we were given to grow stronger by the support of the group, which means, “he who chooses a better environment each time.”

We must grow stronger by the support of the group, to demand that the friends impress me more, and to penetrate them more deeply. If I do that it means that I have fulfilled my freewill and that I am worthy of advancing. So in the connection that is attained between us, I discover the system and understand it, understand myself together with the system as one whole. By the feeling of unity with the system, I actually get closer to the feeling of the Creator.

By bringing closer and connecting two opposites—the whole system and myself into one whole—I prepare myself to feel its discernments, which are all called the Creator. It is because the Creator is always revealed between two opposite points, being above them, the general connector from inside them.

I always have freewill! But if I don’t use it at the right moment, the force of nature, called that natural plan of evolution (in its time) begins to operate and arranges different conditions for me. Then I lose the freewill I had earlier and I already enter different conditions. This means that the Creator has removed a certain letter, an angel that was sent to me, and placed another letter instead, another tougher angel.

Then I advance according to a new pattern, in different frameworks. The Creator illuminates for me in a new pattern, a different letter, and then I am under the domination of a new Providence in which I also have to make my own free choices. This happens time after time.

Eventually, after all the letters, I have to reach the letter Bet which means a blessing. This means that I have to understand that I need the upper force to bring peace among us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 11/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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