A Line To Rise To The Human Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written, “A thousand people come to study, but only one comes out to the Light.” Why is it only one is rewarded the Light? Also, this ratio existed in the past, but now everything has changed. And yet we see that people lack patience. They cannot accept that their entire life is given to them only in order to come to the Light and enter a higher dimension. Otherwise, there is nothing to live for on this earth.

We all stand in line to rise to the level of man, to a spiritual degree. But we do not agree with this, thinking that there are other important activities besides this, and thus leave this path. Everything depends on the importance of the goal, and it is measured by the number of “falls,” that is, “entrances and exits,” about which it is said, “And from Zion the Torah will go forth.” It is when a person “exits,” spirituality, the desire for it, is awakened in him.

Due to the desire, developed in these entrances and exits, and especially exits, a person attracts the Light that Reforms. Gradually, his heart agrees to accept the changes. Efforts are accumulated, adding to one account, until they form a large capital, i.e., payment for the first correction that a person needs.

The same happens on all the other degrees, only there the person has experience and knows how to act: how to overcome himself by faith above reason, in what form to work. He believes the advice of the sages, understanding that advancement is possible only through mutual guarantee, connection, and unity. Thus, he focuses correctly on his efforts and can reach the required amount on his spiritual account sooner.

It is said that “All the gates are locked, except for the gate of tears.” “Tears” (Dmaot) indicate the need for “payment” (Damim), that is, efforts as well as sorrow, such a great desire that the Upper Light can affect and correct: to give it a pure intention to bestow, which a person cannot reach by himself.

And only the friends’ examples help in that.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/13

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