A Request That Cannot Be Refused

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur prayer should be focused straight on the goal and not accompanied by any special conditions by which I can overcome the obstacles more easily, be stronger, and more focused. If I start bargaining this way, it means that my thoughts are not purely focused on the goal and that I impose certain conditions. On the whole, I need one thing only: to annul myself, to reach the initial level of conception, when the old “I” doesn’t exist anymore.

I become a drop of semen, just like the drop of semen that each of us developed from. This is the state that I want to attain so that there is nothing left of me but the Reshimo (reminiscence), the spiritual gene that descends from the upper level. This is the only point I want to develop from: from the point in the heart, from the root of my soul, that is not egoistic as it is now, that is not shattered.

Today, even my point in the heart is broken because I seek the Creator in order to attain, to win, to understand, to feel. But I wish my approach to be changed and that my point in the heart acquires the opposite character, working only on bestowal. This is what I ask.

This means that I don’t demand any definite form: I don’t demand more wisdom, strength, understanding, sensitivity, and the ability to feel. I ask for one thing only, minimal adhesion! I am grateful to the upper for having created me and for the inclination that I have, and I ask that the Reshimo, that point, that drop, would adhere to Him and start developing,

All other requests are already surplus and will always be wrong.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/13

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