A Cyber-Attack On Israel

laitman_600_02Question: It was reported that pro-Islamic and pro-Palestinian organizations are planning a massive cyber-attack on Israel. They are planning to break into the email boxes of Internet users, attack Facebook, and so on.

Answer: I call on them to attack me and steal from me everything that is written on our site and disseminate it. But seriously, all of the wars today are in virtual space. I don’t understand what these organizations are arming themselves against in the first place.

Question: What if we could spread our information this way?

Answer: The point is that there is a person to whom you send the information who, being trapped by his ego, says, “I don’t want to.”

What’s the point in giving him information about the need to unite? You will not be able to give him anything unless he is given a good spanking and forced to open his mouth from above, but all of this is still ahead of us. It is probably impossible to manage it without blows.

Pesach (Passover) is before us now. Passover tells us about a person who begins to move toward freedom and continues to evolve only after he has undergone terrible afflictions and feels that he must attain the truth. Therefore, being in Egypt is essential.

A person must undergo all of the ten plagues of Egypt and reach the state in which he must exit them and attain the right goal that actually is determined while being in exile in Egypt. Egypt symbolizes our ego and how we suffer from it, and the ten plagues of Egypt are ten serious blows to the ego, which means to our desires, to a comfortable bourgeoisie life, to domination, glory, knowledge, pleasures, and so forth.

The exile in Egypt, the terrible suffering, helps us break away from this type of life, and then we begin to feel that they are worthless, meaningless, hopeless, and useless. Neither drugs nor wealth can help us—nothing! It is also impossible to die, and all that we have left is this mortal existence that is much worse than death.

Then, a person decides that he is ready to do anything in order to find the truth. It is actually from this state that he yearns for the truth, so exodus from Egypt is exodus from spiritual exile.

Question: Can a person hear the message of Kabbalists and avoid such extreme states? Otherwise, what are we disseminating this information for?

Answer: We are disseminating information so that people would be able to reduce their corporeal suffering, which can become very great before they want to get rid of them, so that they could determine as quickly as possible that egoism is bad and that a person should escape it, but only toward the right goal.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/7/16

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Words And Images

laitman_249-03Question: You once said in a lecture that you see and remember images and pictures. The matter of creation is one: a desire to receive and the form is the intention either for yourself or for others, which means in order to bestow.

Does that mean that we have to try to see the Creator (the form of bestowal) behind every object in our world? Do we change our perspective or do we change ourselves by that?

Answer: No, my thinking is simply in images; I don’t see words but images and pictures to such an extent that I hardly speak. I don’t associate words with images that appear in me, and therefore I can barely learn foreign languages, etc.

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“Say Goodbye To Constant Work: The Future Of Freelancing”

laitman_430Research (nationalt): “One fifth of the jobs created in the United States after the crisis are temporary jobs. And half of those who have been working [part-time jobs] are earning just over minimum wage. The new social class is characterized by insecure employment … and social scientists have long warned that the famous, affluent American middle class is shrinking. The good, secure jobs are not coming back…

“What characterizes the new work … is that [a person] is constantly forced to be looking for the next job, the next fixed-term, the next opportunity to support themselves and their family for a time.

“’It’s a whole new way to perceive what a job is. These are not jobs, as we know them. It is short-term employment; you have a job today, but maybe nothing tomorrow or the day after. And the time in which you are seeking a new job, you are not paid. A person looks and looks, becoming more and more frustrated. Some workers are by nature more ahead of the curve, entrepreneurial types, hustler types. And they seem to perform better than others in the new job market. They are very confident and trained while those who are more reticent, silent types who just want to do a job and are good at it, lose out because it is not their natural inclination to constantly have to sell themselves,’ said Steven Hill, author of a new book on the topic.

“Companies that switched from permanent employment to contract workers can, according to studies, reduce their labor costs by 30 percent or more because they are no longer responsible for fitting a safety net for employees. Many theories of economics spurred enthusiastic talks about this new hyper efficiency, where companies only pay for the labor.”

My Comment: The State will need to find the means that will ensure every citizen with a necessary subsistence level. In any case, it will bring greater uniformity of society in which most of the population will receive supplementary income from the State.

So we are getting closer to a society of equals. It will be possible to help people cooperate and provide them with inner fulfillment through education. So, gradually social change will occur and people will need only what is necessary for their livelihood, and after that under the influence of education, their fulfillment will be from the opening of the upper world.

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New Life #369 – The Heroes Of The Bible: Moses

New Life #369 – The Heroes Of The Bible: Moses
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


What is Moses’ heroism? How does he lead the people of Israel toward fulfilling the connection and unity between them, and how is this historical story related to our life today?

Moses was raised as a prince at Pharaoh’s palace until the age of 40. When he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew man, his point in the heart was awakened. The killing of the Egyptian symbolizes Moses’ reluctance to be part of the Egyptian culture, values, and idols.

Staying at Jethro’s home is an intermediate stop before the next 40 years. Moses’ heroism is in accepting the mission he was given and not evading it. Moses serves Israel; he takes them out of Egypt and brings them the Torah, which is all about “love thy friend as thyself.”

Everyone gets a chance to be like Moses during his lifetime, but we evade it. To come out of Egypt, out of the house of Pharaoh, means becoming free of the domination of the ego and coming out to the love of others.

Moses demands and receives powers from God. Anyone who wants to help others advance receives the powers to do so. Egypt is the egoistic force; Jethro is wisdom in understanding the ego. The giving of the Torah is receiving the method to correct it. Today heroes are those who can lead our society and free it from being slaves to our egoism.

It is a pity to wait for the 10 plagues today. It is better to advance on our own toward connection, toward brotherly love.
From KabTV’s “New Life #369 – The Heroes Of The Bible: Moses,” 5/13/14

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