From Branch To Root

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: each lower world is an imprint of the world Above it. Hence, all the forms in the Higher World are meticulously copied, in both quantity and quality, to the lower world.

Thus, there is not an element of reality, or an occurrence of reality in a lower world, that you will not find its likeness in the world Above it, as identical as two drops in a pond. And they are called “Root and Branch.” That means that the item in the lower world is deemed a branch of its pattern, found in the Higher World, being the root of the lower element, as this is where that item in the lower world was imprinted and made to be.

Inanimate, vegetative, animate and speaking levels of this world (see diagram below, marked in yellow) represent the last link in the chain of the worlds. This material world is a branch. Above it, there is a world of roots (marked in red), which is, in fact, a branch of another world that is higher than it. So, both “lower” worlds (our realm and the next one) stem from one root that is above both of them (marked in green.)

Definitely, there are more worlds out there, but in this diagram we will show only three of them. However, the shapes and the elements of reality and all occurrences come unchanged and equal in every world, both in quantity and quality, since we deal with one reality that is divided into separate levels only in our perception.

From Branch to Root
Eventually, our duty is to reconnect all worlds within our sensations. We can do so by using the one and indivisible language of branches. Kabbalists have found a set and annotated vocabulary that is associated with this physical world, sufficient to create an excellent spoken language. It enables them to converse with one another of the dealings in the Spiritual Roots and in the Upper Worlds by merely mentioning the lower, tangible branch in this world that is well defined to our corporeal senses. We recognize, feel, and formulate these names and appellations in this world.

Even though they are originated by our corporeal nature, still they have earned the right to be expressed by utterance through their branches, and arranged before our senses here in the tangible world. Kabbalists associate them with their roots.

The whole entirety of things and events descends to us through the chain of worlds, until it “dresses” into sensations that are interwoven with words and names, which, in their turn, are connected with the Upper Roots, to which this corporeal branch points because it is related to it, being its imprint, thus leading us to the origin, the Upper Light.

All phenomena descend through the chain of branches and roots. We name them by words and appellations that are linked to them on this plane and that are deeply inbuilt into our cognizance and senses.

When we hear the word “glass,” we know for sure what it signifies. The same applies to spiritual phenomenon. The fact that it doesn’t possess the material substance of a glass is irrelevant, nor is it important that it lacks the shape of a glass. It still preserves its essence since its core is permanent at all levels.

There is no other way to define a phenomenon or an event. The wisdom of Kabbalah uses precise language that is linked to permanent roots of the Higher nature. It is based on a perpetual, unchangeable system.

As we develop, in our eyes only the relationships between various parts of Kabbalah change, although the parts, per se, remain intact. This is the reason why Kabbalah is known as the “authentic wisdom”: Everything put in its language is always true. After all, we cannot change the order of the branches and roots or the relationships between them: The only change is in our perception.

And of course, the use of the language of branches entails a number of consequences. In particular, thanks to their books, Kabbalists can lead us to spiritual ascents and thanks to them, we can carry out various studies, etc.
From the 4th part of the  Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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