War Or Peace?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are many signs that predict that humanity is heading towards a global war. Our task is to make people rethink their lives. But it turns out that is some excitement inherent in a potential. Many people even want it…

Answer: In society there are many who want war. During wars, they get rich and climb the rungs of the societal ladder. Wars reorganize and restructure the entire society, overturn monarchies, change presidents, etc. Wars trigger immense reforms.

But the fact is that now the changes should take place in society; that is, society must become globally interconnected. And so if there is a war, it would be terrible as it would reveal all our negative qualities, I would say, the miasmas, which we have to correct particularly through integral interaction. The next war would be universal, not just somewhere in Europe, but also in Africa, Australia, where people currently don’t even feel anything.

This is because the world is global today and people still do not want to adjust to new conditions, do not want to be globally interconnected; the war would have to disclose the necessity for us to connect.

Either we disseminate our knowledge and help others realize that there is no choice but to integrate or nature will unite us by forcing us to go through enormous tragedies such as a nuclear war.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing,” 5/24/12

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