Escape From The Captivity Of Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe work on one’s egoism is basically the struggle against pride. Everything is arranged in the form of steps and a person is not aware of his true position and actions. Egoism does not allow him to see, and hide the actions of the Light from him, as if they do not exist. Therefore, we think that the world revolves on its own and there is no one who manages or plans it. Everything supposedly spins freely, by chance, without any reason and purpose.

Being in complete concealment, a person is used to thinking that he does everything himself. Only with the help of the environment does he have the opportunity to become stronger and rise a little bit above himself, above his selfish desire, to look at what is happening from the outside. Then he will see that he did not act and all that happens did not include his efforts, his plan, or his independence.

Therefore, we are constantly fighting a war over who will rule: our egoistic desire, Pharaoh, or the Creator. This struggle is taking place both in the smallest of situations and relative to the entire attitude to life. The argument between the impure force (Klipa) and holiness is only about this.

The sign of the impure force is pride, that is, when a person thinks that he himself is able to do everything himself. In fact, he has a choice in only one thing, each time to be included in the correct environment. Of all the billions of opportunities that arise in life, not one gives him any freedom of action, except for one: first of all to be included in the correct environment and then through it to continue in the action of the environment in which he has been absorbed and has disappeared.

This is the only way to avoid pride, conceit, and wrong actions. And then the person will actually be able to do something in addition to the group, to join Malchut to divinity. And just analyzing and judging oneself will not help at all. Only by being included in the environment, even the smallest action becomes spiritual.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13

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