It’s Time To Work Less

laitman_628_4Comment: The price of oil has dropped, so many countries are trying to take measures to save as much as they can. In Venezuela, for example, the civil servants’ work day has been reduced.  Now on they will work from 7:30 in the morning until 1 pm.

Answer: Every natural resource is becoming increasingly cheaper and more accessible today. Therefore, there can be no hunger. Instead there will actually be general abundance that no one will really need. People will be satisfied with simple, normal, corporeal consumption.

This of course will lead to increasing unemployment, but it will be dealt with by special government allowances. First people will receive money without having to work and every individual will have a permanent income or allowance. Work will not be required.

Second, we will have to oblige everyone to undergo the right educational process so that they will not pass their time being idle. If a person doesn’t have to work and all his necessities are taken care of throughout his life, he won’t need to go to school or to university, he won’t need to learn a profession, he won’t need to do anything. This means that he will sit at home, watch TV, play on his computer or on his cell phone, and that’s all. Therefore, it is essential to oblige everyone to get an education.

I hope that some of the people who will stop working will undergo retraining and become teachers and educators and some will be students, and thus they will begin to advance up to the desired spiritual level.

Education will be aimed at making every individual a human being in the right sense of the word. A person is not an animal who walks erectly on two legs and uses dark instincts, modern weapons, and drugs. A human being is a person who understands his goal and feels that he has to attain it in his connection with people like him.

I do hope that all the governments will understand that this is the only way they can succeed, since otherwise they will devour themselves.

Question: Will the state force people to engage in self-education?

Answer: The state is a compulsive body and it has to exert pressure on people in order to turn them into good citizens since otherwise we see what happens. Europe is turning into a negative example for the whole world today, while 30 to 40 years ago it was a positive example. It is because the Europeans were allowed to have free benefits, but did not implement the right education at the same time and didn’t do anything.

We all see what it has brought them to; it is a clear example. Therefore, there will have to be compulsive government education and it will be the most important function of the state.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/29/16

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