Are You Ready To Work Less?

laitman_547_06Comment: Co-chair of the Zionist camp Tzipi Livni suggested adding Sundays as an additional weekend day off in Israel. She believes that this would help reduce the tensions that exist in society regarding resting on the Sabbath and in addition would make it possible for Israelis to become more united, as one people, and would build good neighborliness and mutual respect.

Answer: I would have suggested three full days of rest: Friday according to the Muslim religion, Saturday according to the Jewish religion, and Sunday according to the Christian religion.

We would need to make sure that all three days were balanced properly so people could effectively enjoy their leisure time. On Sundays people could go out more, shopping and communicating more.

It would be good to prepare some interesting social and children’s programs.  After all, children would have two free days, and they would need something to do so they don’t run wild. For this we would need to seriously prepare so as not to miss the opportunity to create a correct developmental and educational framework for them that would maintain their physical and mental health.

The nation must harness the entire public for this so that they will take upon themselves a large part of the responsibility for the free time in the three-day weekend. I think that this would lower tensions and hostility in society. It should be a state program of how we spend the time freed from completely superfluous labor that is no longer necessary in today’s world.

On the other hand, there are fields of activity that could continue to operate without interruption. For example, if the work on some construction sites involves only foreign workers, why can’t construction take place on Saturdays? Let people make the decision.

And the same thing could apply to all other specialties that we need. They could have staggered schedules.

That is all it is necessary to think, to do the smart thing, without any party manners: who will benefit and how it can be adapted for yourself.

This is a very difficult proposal, around which you can reshape the whole society.  It is necessary to think about all to make wise decisions, without any party matters.

This is a very complex proposal, and it is possible to reshape all of society around it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/8/16

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