A Shorter Working Week Suggested In Germany

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from CNBC): “A group of 100 German academics, trade unionists and politicians is calling for a 30-hour working week with full pay, German daily Tageszeitung reported on Monday, with the petitioners arguing that a shorter working week is the best way to address rising unemployment.

“Germany’s unemployment rate, which increased to 7.4 percent in January, remains well below the 26 percent reached in Spain. But in an open letter published on Monday and cited by the newspaper, the group said a reduction in working hours could help German workers.

“Under the plan, devised by politicians from left wing parties, philosophers and academics, a 30-hour working week would be introduced gradually over the course of several years. It would markedly improve productivity, the group argued, which in turn would help employers pay out full wages.”

My Comment: We see how the world gradually realizes the proposals of the Integral Upbringing method, but by the path of suffering rather than by a reasonable approach and balanced planned reduction of “unnecessary” production. At this rate and form, reduction of the economy will take many years, accompanied by suffering of the masses in the whole world and thus, naturally by protests, re-elections, and other undesired problems.

It is necessary to explain to the elite and the masses where we, all the humans, are heading by the natural force of development—toward society (economy) of rational (necessary) consumption and integral universal unification. To make a transition to this state, we must understand what is happening and adjust ourselves to it, and this is achieved by the method of Integral Upbringing.

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