“Big Thinkers Still Stumped On Global Economic Crisis”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Andrew Walker, BBC World Service economics correspondent): “More than five years after the onset of the financial crisis, you might have thought economic policy makers would know what to do next.

“Well they don’t. Or at the very least, there is nothing like the kind of consensus that prevailed before the financial crisis. …

“There were plenty of ideas for sure. But this is how the IMF’s chief economist Olivier Blanchard put it at the end of the conference: “‘We don’t have a sense of our final destination… Where we end I really don’t have much of a clue.’”

My Comment: This is the beginning of insight. It is now possible to search for the true cause of the crisis and then for its solution. More and more people realize that the problem is not in economic policy, but in the human being himself—or rather in our relationships, and even more precisely in the fact that we, society, exist in a completely interconnected, integral world. However, we do not correspond to the structure of the world because we remain egoists, protectionists, who compete with each other.

The single system of the world that manifests today requires us to be in complete cooperation. Of course, through its development, the crisis will lead us to the realization of the need to unite all the nations and countries, but it will be a long and dramatic path. We must learn from nature its interconnection and emulate it. The method of Integral Upbringing exists for this purpose. It will help us create the right relationship between us quickly and easily and thus eliminate the crisis.

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  1. The solution of course is simple, simple doesn’t always me easy, but everything in Nature grows the same way, whether it be a relationship, system, or a tree growing from the Earth. You give it food and water. That is to say Substance and Energy. Tend to it, and it will grow. Culture is the soil of which within Human beings develop. We can either develop into Egoists or Altruists. We just have to plant the right seeds in the right places.

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