The Wealthy Lost Billions

Laitman_004Question: During the first trading week of 2016, the combined wealth of 400 of the richest people in the world was reduced by $200 billion. According to the Bloomberg Index, the main reason for this financial loss is the economic slowdown of China and falling oil prices.

Answer: We don’t want to understand that this world has a beginning and an end, as does everything else in the world.
“This world” refers to the egoistic system of mutual cooperation between us that we built. It can exist no longer because, like a hydra, it is beginning to eat itself.

The problem is that in the paradigm upon which this world was created, everything is measured by money. But money is the equivalent of egoism according to which we can no longer measure the world today.

Question: So, what would be the equivalent paradigm?

Answer: It will be a paradigm that is not material since from a material aspect everyone will be provided for. One can see how the immigrants are inundating Europe, and the Europeans are providing all of their necessities. For example, one can stop working and certain organizations and the state will take care of him.

Question: Does this mean that the fear of being without money will disappear?

Answer: Without a doubt! Today, a person doesn’t work to meet his basic needs. Although he is still working to make more money, the cycle of money-commodities-money where human efforts are equivalent to a salary is disappearing. It is necessary to provide a person with what he needs to live, regardless of whether he works or not.

Therefore, in the future, the value equivalent to money will be only the good mutual relationships between people as humanity gradually discovers that it is the power of good being disseminated by those studying the wisdom of Kabbalah that creates the amazing property of abundance in nature. The “earnings” of a person will be determined by how much good feelings and intentions toward others come from him.

The value will be determined not according to income, but by how much he can give, disseminate, do something to rally people together. After all, the unity of people will make them assimilate with the higher nature, and everyone can receive abundance from that higher force, like good health, flourishing nature, balanced weather, and so forth. This will be equivalent to the salary of a person.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/10/16

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