Slaves To Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see in the twenty-first century that the world has changed a lot. People used to be much freer. They have been pulled into a whirlpool of work and have become slaves. This even applies to the middle class and high-tech employees, politicians, economists, social and political scientists, and people of all professions. Every worker is completely sold to his job. We have become slaves.

Our entire life revolves around work. A modern person does not spend much time eating, drinking, or resting while seated in front of a TV. He wastes most of his time at work and spends an hour or two going back and forth. Thus, he spends his entire day at work.

Companies arrange their own day care centers and group retreats. They do everything possible to attach their employees even more strongly to their workplace. In this way, a person becomes a slave to his firm. He does not even understand that there is something else besides work. Work becomes the most important thing in life and fills his life completely.

When we meet an acquaintance, the first thing we ask is where do you work, what do you do, and how much do you make. Essentially, we do not treat them as a person, but as a professional. It is as if we do not see a person in front of us. We do not ask what interests him, what he has seen and experienced, or where he has been. It is as if his workplace is more important to us than the person. The most important thing is where he works and what he does.

A person’s main concerns are making sure that he does not get fired and whether he will be able to find a different job. Companies send their employees to professional training. Everything only revolves around work. A person spends at least ten hours a day on this. This is not a healthy life style at all.

We are destroying our foundation, the globe on which we live, all our natural resources and the ecology. We are like children who have lost track of time playing. Now, our mother needs to stop us. She has come to stop the game, telling us that the time has come to do other things, and we are unable to stop.
From the Talk “Lessons on the New World” 12/1/2011

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