New Life 696 – Thank God That He Hasn’t Made Me A Woman

New Life 696 – Thank God That He Hasn’t Made Me A Woman
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Nature has created mankind as two different creatures, a man and a woman, and the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about their spiritual roots. A man in spirituality is someone who overcomes his ego and a woman is the definition of the ego before it is corrected. When a man overcomes his ego and leaves the power of a woman he blesses the Creator “Thank God that He hasn’t made me a woman.” Everyone is obliged to correct his ego, man or woman, Jew or gentile.

A woman’s modesty is called the egoistic desire to receive that has not been corrected yet, and so it should be hidden. “A king’s daughter’s honor is concealed” means that the Upper Light can enter the corrected desire to receive. The place where the Creator is revealed is called Shechina or bride and the Light with regard to the vessel is called a groom.

Our customs are a kind of a theatrical play hinting as to what the spiritual commandments are that we need to perform. The custom of women covering their head, their hair that symbolizes storms, the egoistic thoughts that need to be covered before they are corrected, and a woman’s modesty in general symbolize the uncorrected desire to receive that needs to be covered, restricted, until it reaches the state of to receive in order to bestow. All the corporeal actions are only customs and not commandments, while the corrections of the desire are commandments, and the force that corrects the 613 egoistic desires inherent in us is called the Light that Reforms.

The Creator is the general force of reality and coupling with Him is when a person can bestow like He does. Then the Upper Light can enter the corrected desire like a groom that couples with the bride. The Light that enters the vessels is such a great pleasure that one can bear it only with the intention of in order to bestow.
From KabTV’s “New Life 696 – Thank God That He Hasn’t Made Me A Woman,” 3/1/16

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