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How Can We Solve Corporeal Problems?

laitman_528_01Question: Is it important to re-read Kabbalistic texts over and over again?

Answer: No, not necessarily. Read what you enjoy, what is close to you, so that you will feel that the text is written for you. Basically you don’t have to do it at all. In principle, it does not matter what you read from the true Kabbalistic sources, because the most important thing—is your aspiration to the Light that you feel in your heart.

You will gradually feel that you are getting closer to the Creator in response to your yearning—to feel it above the problems, that are brought by the same force, so that you will turn to Him. After an appeal to Him, the problems disappear, there is a short respite, and again a problem, and then your aspiration to the Creator.

Everything stems from the Creator and everything is solved by getting closer to Him.

Question: Should I unite with the friends if I want to solve a certain problem and then read a book together in order to summon the positive force?

Answer: Yes, the solution to the problem is in the connection with friends, but this doesn’t mean that you are free from solving it on the level of our world.

You cannot solve corporeal problems in a spiritual way only. You have to actually act physically, and the solution will come through your connection with the friends and the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/7/16

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How Is It Possible To Control Our Lives?

Laitman_051Question: You keep on saying that we don’t have the tools to manage our lives in our world, but what about our thoughts?

After all, there is a theory that our world is an infinite space of variations and our dominant thoughts influence this or another version of the development of the events in our lives. It seems logical that thoughts lead to deeds, and deeds lead to results.

The film The Secret speaks about the same idea. It is much more pleasant and optimistic to know that something depends on us in this life than to live with the hope of change, even to the best, but it is an illusory world for us.

Answer: According to what the Kabbalists discover in the upper world, our world is completely managed from above, while we can influence events only through the upper world by attracting the Light of correction, which is called Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).

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Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_276_01The Torah describes spiritual properties, not physical characteristics. For example, there is the property of “Moses” in every person. Even the Creator exists in every one of us. After all, a person is a world in which there is absolutely everything!

Therefore, the Torah speaks about how one can balance his inner world and connect, correct, tune, and calibrate it correctly.

Only then can one use it to reveal the Creator through the correct interaction of all of its parts. The inner harmony that is formed within a person gives him the sensation of the upper existence. This is the force that fills, balances, and governs everything.

When all parts balance and complement one another within us and there is nothing left that would work in a corrupt way, then the common property called the Creator is formed. This is the revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/12/15

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New Life 539 – Jewish Culture: Between Chametz (Leavened Food) And Matzah

New Life 539 – Jewish Culture: Between Chametz (Leavened Food) And Matzah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

What important phases in our lives do Chametz and the Matzah symbolize? What is the meaning of the burning of the Chametz and why don’t we use a strong light when we search for it at home?

Matzah symbolizes our detachment from our egoistic desires so it is called the bread of affliction. Pesach (Passover) symbolizes the state in which we break away from our ego and operate as much as we can in love and bestowal.

The term “ego” does not refer to personal pleasures but to the enjoyment of hating others, using others and taking advantage of them. We have to treat others nicely. First, we will not feel any taste in it, just like the Matzah, but later it will grow and expand.

Leavened bread, Matzah, and Chametz are like kids who enjoy irritating others, for example, and then learn to restrain themselves and become loving and giving.

This is the way the world is today: it is under the domination of Pharaoh, under the domination of the ego, and so people need tranquilizers, drugs, and alcohol. The phase of restraint results from the recognition of evil when we all realize that the ego is destroying us. Eating Chametz after Pesach symbolizes a new world, connections of love and bestowal and the revelation of the upper world.

The burning of the Chametz symbolizes the elimination of the ego inside me, when I don’t agree to suppress others and dominate them. We search for the Chametz by the light of a candle since we have no more than a slight illumination that signals that the ego is bad and awful. The selling of the Chametz symbolizes that I am getting rid of the ego in order to exit it, and then I bring it back in order to correct it.
From KabTV’s “New Life 539 – Jewish Culture: Between Chametz (Leavened Food) And Matza,” 3/24/15

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