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A Human Being Is A System Of Thoughts And Feelings

laitman_224Question: If the Creator is not a persona but a system of natural laws, how is it possible to love a system? Until now, I have trusted Him and I believed that I turned to Him, but now I understand that it is simply necessary to integrate into the system correctly and that is all.

Answer: If you love someone, then you love a system of views, thoughts, and emotions, a system of questions and answers. In any connection with another person, you interact with a particular system because every person is a system in itself, whether he is loved or hated.

People are like machines with mind and feelings, a brain and heart, and somehow interact with each other. I know that sometimes I am angry at my computer as if it were an inspired creature: I interact with its system and it influences my system. There is no problem with talking about a person in the same way, as a system.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, we are only a desire, a force. This force attracts pleasant fulfillments to itself that are defined by us as necessary and essential, and it rejects and removes anything that is unpleasant, unnecessary, or harmful from itself. This means that there is a system of forces that is acting within us.

In the perception of reality topic in Kabbalah, we learn that all of our senses perceive signals that we identify inside of us as good or bad. For example, within our nose, we have small hairs that absorb different fragrances. Through the olfactory sense, we enjoy those fragrances.

This means that a particular frequency influences our sense of smell. This olfactory sense sends an electrical signal to the brain, and the brain determines the level of influence and the quality of the fragrance according to different parameters, pleasant, unpleasant, and so on.

We are talking about systems. I understand that you want to talk about feelings, but it would be more correct to arrange everything according to waves, according to forces, as is customary in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Does Kabbalah suggest that we should transcend this system?

Answer: No, Kabbalah suggests that we should study and control it. We are living within this system and cannot get out of it. We must learn to control and manage it correctly. Then, we will know how to control our world, and we will discover that it was created for us.

Question: But a Kabbalist has the same senses that other people have.

Answer: With the help of these senses, the Kabbalist begins to advance toward a higher goal. He understands how to use all feelings and bring them to a harmonious inner state in which the Creator is revealed. Moreover, he must manage his feelings, to detect within him the desires that will lead him to the revelation of the Creator and to fill them.

Question: Do we lack the receptors for feeling this?

Answer: We lack inner development. Everything exists within us: all people, all worlds, and the Creator, who is felt as the highest pleasure.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 130

Laitman_133Question: Is the Creator a desire to bestow or a desire to give pleasure, or both this and that?

Answer: It’s the same thing.

Question: Why do they write the word “Kabbalah” in Russian with a double “B”? In Latin it is written with one “B.” Is there any significance to this?

Answer: Even in Hebrew it is written with one “B” but in Russian with two “B’s.”

Question: In recent years I have stopped receiving happiness in my life. I can make myself happy, but I don’t get this happiness from the world.

Answer: For this, you must give happiness to the world!

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The Way To The Creator Is Through This World

laitman_423_02Question: If the thought of creation is predetermined and we will all attain the Creator whether we like it or not, and the only free will we have is whether to accept His leadership or not, we may say that freewill is an illusion.

Answer: Although the thought of creation and a person’s ultimate state are predetermined, the way we accept the Creator’s leadership is very important because it is only by the right perception of the Creator’s attitude to a person that one can bring Him contentment.

First, being in our world, which is the lowest of all the worlds, and the circumstances we live in help a person reveal the right attitude to the Creator.

Second, the fact that the end is predetermined should not bother us since the Creator is concealed from us anyway. So it is actually when a person aspires to reach Him and tries to choose the way that the Creator would choose that he attains His thought in this motion, His mind, His attitude, His goal and His relationship.

A person needs this world because although he doesn’t feel the Creator, doesn’t see the ultimate goal, and doesn’t know how to advance toward it, he has the elements that motivate him to search and to try to act properly. It is in his search for the right motion forward that he begins to feel the Creator, to perceive Him, to absorb His attributes, His thoughts, and His feelings, and thus becomes equal to Him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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The Expulsion Of The Jews And The Decline Of Europe

laitman_437Comment: Economists and psychologists from the University of Barcelona have concluded that the states and cities from which the Jews were expelled fell into decay. It seems that the Jews took the economic prosperity from these cities and transferred it to another place.

Answer: The Jews did not take the economic prosperity but they did take the Light that surrounds them. The Jews are a group that Abraham established and is connected to the upper leadership, and so when they are among other nations those nations prosper because the Jews are the most active group in the system of humanity in every area: socially, scientifically, politically, economically, etc. This group has a special attribute because for 1,500 years the Jews have created a special connection between them and the upper leadership by resembling it, which means since the year 1,500 BC until the beginning of our millennium, until the Second Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled. They kept a certain connection with spirituality, and so the people, the nations among whom the Jews lived, received certain spiritual nourishment through them which enables them to flourish.

Comment: Many studies refer mainly to economic prosperity.

Answer: It is not only about economic prosperity but all other aspects of life. Economy is simply the most important aspect for us.

Question: Didn’t these countries understand what would happen if they expel the Jews?

Answer: There is a struggle between two dominations: on the one hand, the domination of the parliament, of royalty, of the bourgeois, and, on the other hand, the domination of the church. These two dominations were in an unstable balance throughout history, and so when the church rose, the Jews were expelled.

Comment: Scientists have reached the conclusion that the same is happening today.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. We think that our times are special, but the connection remains the same and nature remains the same system. The only problem is that the world is now in a state that requires a stronger connection with the upper leadership.

Question: Does that mean that the situation today is special?

Answer: Today we live in a special time for several reasons. First because the whole world has become one whole global world. Second, we have exhausted all the options of our egoistic evolution in economy, literature, culture, education, organizations, social relations, in every possible aspect. The world today is in a catastrophic state because we have used our ego and cannot develop in it anymore, but we don’t have anything else in the meantime.

The key for something else is actually in the hands of the Jews. In the past the Jews followed this path when the same crisis broke out in ancient Babylon where complete egoism was revealed in its minor form in humanity. Today, however, the crisis is recurring on a different level in the whole world, in all of humanity, and so we must understand that since the Jews are connected to the upper leadership they can convey this connection to all the other nations of the world. We will not survive without it.

Today all of civilization is facing a critical decision. We should either sustain the right leadership system so that the upper system would manage all the other nations through the Jews, and the whole chain consisting of different links will operate correctly, which means that the Jews should know their role and fulfill it, and the nations of the world will know their role and fulfill it. Then the upper leadership will operate through this pyramid and humanity will prosper.

On the other hand, we can act the way we did in the past until the upper leadership will be revealed as the absolute opposite form from our innate ego, with all its poisons. The ego is so rotten that it cannot grow new sprouts. So we will have to undergo terrible afflictions and then realize that we have to build the right pyramid anyway. Baal HaSulam speaks about that in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” and I strongly recommend reading it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/16

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Money And Cost

laitman_600_02Question: A new idea has come up that the time has come for humanity to abandon the concept of cost. The value of an elephant is not more than the value of a bee and a fly, is not more harmful to humans. Cost is not a natural concept. It is merely a deception materialized through money.

This idea is strange to me and puts limits my own arguments against it. My conscious demands that I pass it on to you. What will the meaning of money be without the idea of cost?

Answer: People will work in order to earn the revelation of the Creator and will receive corporeality according to their needs.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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New Life 566 – The Three Pilgrimage Festivals (Regalim)

New Life 566 – The Three Pilgrimage Festivals (Regalim)
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

In our distant past, as the people of Israel we carried out corresponding internal and external actions to connect to others and the Creator.

The exodus from Egypt was an exodus from the evil inclination, from the ego, from the desire to exploit others for our own benefit. After the physical and internal exodus from Egypt and from Pharaoh, we reached Mount Sinai to receive the Torah.

The Torah is a means for correcting the evil inclination. With its help we reach the land (Eretz) of Israel, the desire (Ratzon) to love. Within the love of others, the upper force is revealed, the power of connection, the goodness called the Creator.

The land of Israel symbolizes our general desire for connection and a more internal desire is revealed in it, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a desire to give contentment to the Creator, the power of bestowal, the source of life and the source of love. “Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God, the Lord is one” (Deuteronomy 6:4): We are connected as one person with one heart, as He is one. Creator (Bore) = “Bo Re” (come and see): We discover between us the system of bestowal and are afraid of losing the love. This fear is called, Yirah Shlemah (complete fear), Yerushalem (Jerusalem). Within it a unique connection is revealed, the Beit HaMikdash (Temple).

The three Regalim (Feet) are the three lines: the left line – the ego, the right line – the Torah, the middle line – their integration together. The pilgrimage to Jerusalem means strengthening my love of others and the fear of losing it.

The Holy Land (Eretz HaKodesh), the holiness of the land, all of these expressions speak about the holiness of the desire (Ratzon) – the desire to bestow and to love. Every physical step in the land awakens a unique feeling of love in a person, a change in attitude toward others.

The map of the land of Israel is like an electrical diagram: when you change internally, you move immediately to another place. So things were said were to be conducted, but this required a person to carry out corrections in his desires.
From KabTV’s “New Life 566 – The Three Pilgrimage Festivals (Regalim),” 2/24/15

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Writings of Rabash, “Dargot HaSulam,” Article 923

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 15, Item 1 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “This Is for Judah” 

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