A Human Being Is A System Of Thoughts And Feelings

laitman_224Question: If the Creator is not a persona but a system of natural laws, how is it possible to love a system? Until now, I have trusted Him and I believed that I turned to Him, but now I understand that it is simply necessary to integrate into the system correctly and that is all.

Answer: If you love someone, then you love a system of views, thoughts, and emotions, a system of questions and answers. In any connection with another person, you interact with a particular system because every person is a system in itself, whether he is loved or hated.

People are like machines with mind and feelings, a brain and heart, and somehow interact with each other. I know that sometimes I am angry at my computer as if it were an inspired creature: I interact with its system and it influences my system. There is no problem with talking about a person in the same way, as a system.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, we are only a desire, a force. This force attracts pleasant fulfillments to itself that are defined by us as necessary and essential, and it rejects and removes anything that is unpleasant, unnecessary, or harmful from itself. This means that there is a system of forces that is acting within us.

In the perception of reality topic in Kabbalah, we learn that all of our senses perceive signals that we identify inside of us as good or bad. For example, within our nose, we have small hairs that absorb different fragrances. Through the olfactory sense, we enjoy those fragrances.

This means that a particular frequency influences our sense of smell. This olfactory sense sends an electrical signal to the brain, and the brain determines the level of influence and the quality of the fragrance according to different parameters, pleasant, unpleasant, and so on.

We are talking about systems. I understand that you want to talk about feelings, but it would be more correct to arrange everything according to waves, according to forces, as is customary in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Does Kabbalah suggest that we should transcend this system?

Answer: No, Kabbalah suggests that we should study and control it. We are living within this system and cannot get out of it. We must learn to control and manage it correctly. Then, we will know how to control our world, and we will discover that it was created for us.

Question: But a Kabbalist has the same senses that other people have.

Answer: With the help of these senses, the Kabbalist begins to advance toward a higher goal. He understands how to use all feelings and bring them to a harmonious inner state in which the Creator is revealed. Moreover, he must manage his feelings, to detect within him the desires that will lead him to the revelation of the Creator and to fill them.

Question: Do we lack the receptors for feeling this?

Answer: We lack inner development. Everything exists within us: all people, all worlds, and the Creator, who is felt as the highest pleasure.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/31/16

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