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Work With The Creator

laitman_239Question: At what moment can it be said that a person has begun to work on reaching a connection with the Creator?

Answer: It is from the moment that a person feels that the Creator has awakened him to connect with Him.

It begins from a state, which is called, as it is written, “You hid Your countenance and I became frightened” (Psalms 30:8). That is how the work of the Creator with a person begins. It is a state in which the Creator draws a person toward Him by arousing fear in him. The person must immediately invest effort at every moment to reveal the Creator within him until the person reaches a state in which he is ready for anything to get away from himself and seemingly doesn’t exist. The main thing is to feel the Creator and feel that he is giving Him contentment by this.

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Why Blame Israel?

Laitman_043Question: How do you explain the claims of the Palestinians and terrorists that are appearing lately, according to whom it is the Jews who are planning and carrying out acts of terrorism and other lawlessness?

Answer: All of the allegations that Arabs make against Israel—that Israel is killing unarmed Palestinians, pushing them to terrorism against the whole world, digging underneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and burning the homes of wretched Palestinians in spite of international treaties—are all a continuation of aggressive anti-Semitic acts that naturally have existed in all times among the peoples of the world against the Jews.

To the degree that the Jews have “robbed” the peoples of the world by not giving them the method, the means for attaining happiness, the peoples of the world feel the loss and damage that the Jews have caused them and the world, and their anti-Semitic behavior is the reaction to this.

Therefore, the Europeans and the peoples of the world increasingly will support the Palestinian side, even though they are destructive. Because the Jews are not repairing the world, they themselves direct the Palestinians toward acts of terrorism.

In this way, the Arabs are puppets on strings in the hands of the Jews, whereas the Jews are refusing to know the true cause of the hatred toward them from the peoples of the world. On the contrary, they believe that they have been giving the world more than any other nation and all of the nations together. This is correct, but it is not what is demanded from the Jewish people. Instead, their only role is the revelation of the method for achieving happiness, eternity, paradise, fulfillment!

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Dreams That Reveal The Future

laitman_232_02Question: Can the future really be revealed through dreams?

Answer: Sometimes dreams give correct and true information about the future. After all, the future is programmed clearly and completely accurately. There are people like Wolf Messing who sense the future, but Kabbalists don’t particularly deal with this.

Nevertheless, reorganization happens in a dream, rearrangement, renewed referencing of all impressions, so future states can also be revealed because a person is not found in his ego but in a particular detachment from his ego. To that degree he can sense the future.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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In The United States 50 Million Receive Support

laitman_926_01Comment: According to statistics presented by Gallup in 2016 the number of Americans receiving support from the government rose to 50 million people.

This means that the expression, “The American Dream” has turned into the dream of being supported by the nation.

In America there are entire families in which all of its members have never worked. And this trend is growing all the time.

Answer: This is certainly no longer a pursuit of special achievements in business and other areas of life.

The fact is that in our time we are advancing toward socialism, the nation will become a socialist nation. If we can distribute food, clothing, and shelter to everyone, then essentially people will not have to work because if desired, all of this can be printed without any demand from a person.

The question is why should this be done? Why are there different kinds of animals? It could be said that they are a general branch of nature that are necessary to balance all the rest, to maintain a special balance, homeostasis.

And in what way are people different from them? It is necessary to understand that we are composed of two parts, a “beastly” part and a human part. The beastly part in us requires only one thing, to live in peace and quiet, warmed by the sun like a cat, and nothing more.

Whereas the human part requires the discovery of the meaning of life, even though we are trying not to be involved with that these days, being helped here a little by drugs, antidepressants, and all the rest. Nevertheless, this question will be a very serious demand requiring an answer.

Question: Will we see this in our lifetime?

Answer: It all depends on the dissemination and spread of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the world.

Even if it arouses pessimism, it is necessary to understand that situations in the world are changing very rapidly. In principle, humanity is constantly entering into a turbulent hibernation that attracts and draws us into it. Then a period of internal eruption will come.

Question: Will this be an internal eruption or a terrible war?

Answer: So that suffering will agitate humanity, they must be physically very intense. But if the eruption happens on an internal level of consciousness and understanding, then the suffering will be much less. They won’t leave physical traces and a person will be able to go through them very rapidly to a correct realization of his earthly existence.

So I very much hope that we can make it possible for humanity to realistically and correctly discover the purpose of life that exists in nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/21/16

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Believing In God

laitman_571_01Question: Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania studied the belief in God. They concluded that the belief in God grows stronger when a person thinks about meaningful events in his life where he chose a certain route and which could have end badly but ended well. A person relates this outcome to the upper force.

Scientists believe that belief in God does not necessarily need to rely on blind faith, but rather it is based on rational thinking. They claim that it is actually this fact that allows them to explain the stability of religious belief and that it provides clear evidence of religious principles

Answer: Humanity is very stable, and the longer that people live on this planet, the more they believe in unreal forces that have not been proven. A person wants God to exist. It is in his subconscious.

We can ask small children of religious people about the belief in God, and they will say that they believe in a certain force and that we should pray to it and ask it whatever we want. Their attitude toward the upper force is the same as their attitude toward their parents from whom they can ask anything and everything will be alright. It is a natural, instinctive response to uncertainty.

Question: People look for logic, even when they say that something did not happen by chance.

Answer: Of course, they can make up whatever they like, but when a person encounters the wisdom of Kabbalah, he receives an explanation for how he can feel the Creator and discover Him, and then he begins to understand that everything else is absolute psychology.

Question: Does this means that we cannot reach the Creator using the rational tools we have in this world?

Answer: The tools we have in our world are related to our senses. We cannot reveal the Creator through our senses, with our mind, or in our heart in any way.

The Creator is totally concealed from us, and therefore all of the assumptions result from the same illusions in the same way as all religions are based on guesses and assumptions.

They have nothing to do with the wisdom of Kabbalah and therefore are faiths that have no basis. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, on the other hand, there is a simple principle, as it is written, “A judge has only what his eyes see.” We only need to clean the glasses that we see through and view the world realistically without any double vision. Then you will be able to be your own judge because you know that you are looking at things correctly, judging them and making the right decisions. If you say, “this is what I think” or “what psychologists say,” and so on, you are still in the framework of our world. In our world, you can believe only what research discovers, which means what is based on clear evidence, not relying on philosophers and psychologists.

However, a person cannot enter the concealed part of human nature by himself since he has no feelings that match it. First, a person must establish these abilities inside himself, these sensors, and then he will begin to feel the Creator. You can attain that only through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

If a person wants that, he must study in an organized framework. Study, and you will discover the Creator and will not need to believe anything and, most importantly, anyone!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/20/16

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New Life 542 – Jewish Culture: Moses – The Ideal Leader

New Life 542 – Jewish Culture: Moses – The Ideal Leader
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Moses had more of the characteristic of bestowal and love for others than any other person. A leader of Israel doesn’t need leadership capability, wisdom, cunning, and things like that. Rather, he must be without guile.

To the degree that a leader of Israel is innocent, the Upper Light can work on others through him. Being innocent means he wants nothing other than adhering more and more to the characteristics of bestowal and love. Then through him, the power of bestowal and love acts on the people, educating and advancing them toward connection and love.

The characteristics of Moses are those of a divine Kabbalist who attains divinity so that the Light shines through him. Moses didn’t concede anything to himself or to the people. Whenever the ego grew, he knew how to balance it.

Moses explained what nature or divinity (which is the same thing) required from people. He explained the law of development to the people. Moses had the biggest ego, but he knew how to overcome it and was successful in balancing it.

The people of Israel are a stiff-necked people, and they were very stubborn with Moses. But he had no choice. Moses included the egoistic desires of the people so that he could transmit the power of correction to them.

Moses guided an educational process of developing an awareness that egoism is harmful to us and that we need to connect. Being a leader means to establish a system of education and explanation that leads to connection between people above all the disparity and differences between them. Moses explained to the people that all of the troubles are because the ego enslaves them. He taught them how to escape from it.
From KabTV’s “New Life 542 – Jewish Culture: Moses – The Ideal Leader,” 3/26/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.08.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “What ‘You Have Given the Strong to the Hands of the Weak’ Means in the Work”

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Writings of Rabash, Letter 72 

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