Why Blame Israel?

Laitman_043Question: How do you explain the claims of the Palestinians and terrorists that are appearing lately, according to whom it is the Jews who are planning and carrying out acts of terrorism and other lawlessness?

Answer: All of the allegations that Arabs make against Israel—that Israel is killing unarmed Palestinians, pushing them to terrorism against the whole world, digging underneath the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and burning the homes of wretched Palestinians in spite of international treaties—are all a continuation of aggressive anti-Semitic acts that naturally have existed in all times among the peoples of the world against the Jews.

To the degree that the Jews have “robbed” the peoples of the world by not giving them the method, the means for attaining happiness, the peoples of the world feel the loss and damage that the Jews have caused them and the world, and their anti-Semitic behavior is the reaction to this.

Therefore, the Europeans and the peoples of the world increasingly will support the Palestinian side, even though they are destructive. Because the Jews are not repairing the world, they themselves direct the Palestinians toward acts of terrorism.

In this way, the Arabs are puppets on strings in the hands of the Jews, whereas the Jews are refusing to know the true cause of the hatred toward them from the peoples of the world. On the contrary, they believe that they have been giving the world more than any other nation and all of the nations together. This is correct, but it is not what is demanded from the Jewish people. Instead, their only role is the revelation of the method for achieving happiness, eternity, paradise, fulfillment!

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