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Desire Number Thirty Five

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the correction of the 613 desires and does it refer to the 613 Mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah? Can you explain what corrected desire number 35 refers to, the one about preparing the special oil for anointing the great priest and the king?

Answer: The great priest and the king are not human beings but a special spiritual level. When you ascend to this level, the structure of a king or a great priest will be formed in you and you will be able to perform an action called drawing of the Light of Hochma.

The Light of Hochma is the oil and the Light of Hassadim is the water. By using the oil (the Light of Hochma), you can make a special “solution,” i.e., a special system for correction, elevation, and proximity in order to ascend to the level of the king or the great priest. These are all our internal attributes that we have to arrange and to correct.

Thus, any Mitzva is the correction of our internal desires, but on different levels. Man is a small world and everything exists inside him. This means that only I exist and you are all inside me, in my consciousness, in my feeling. It seems to me that you are external to me, but in fact you are inside me.

Question: What does it mean to find the priest inside me?

Answer: A priest is a desire on the level of Keter, the highest desire in a person that works in absolute bestowal without any egoistic impurities. But a person must prepare himself for this. One of the acts of preparation is Mitzvah number 35. When a person ascends the spiritual levels, regardless of whether he was born a Jew or not, a Cohen or a Levi, he has to undergo all these levels and attributes.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/24/16

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International Day Of Happiness

laitman_285_01Comment: On March 20th the world celebrated the International Day of Happiness. The UN adopted a resolution proclaiming the International Day of Happiness, an initiative of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Answer: Of course, I would like there to be happiness 365 days a year.

There are many days marked on the calendar like women’s day, etc. It is desirable that on these days the whole of humanity plays a special game in happiness: to make everyone happy – for one day. That would be great!

Maybe then we would realize that it is possible. If you just think of how to make everyone happy and everyone else thinks the same about others, happiness suddenly appears. Happiness doesn’t exist in the world but it suddenly begins to appear from somewhere, and the whole world becomes imbued with this cloud of happiness.

If that happened, we would all create a cloud of happiness together, which would engulf us, envelop us, and we would float on it and feel that we are in paradise.

The chain of happiness that would return to a person would reveal to him the positive force that is concealed in our world, which we cannot feel because we don’t resemble it. But if we behaved as described above, we would generate happiness from our world and begin to use it and live in happiness.

Then a person would consume only 20 calories a day in order to live and even less because the force of happiness would permeate him and fill him. This would be the strongest source of energy.

Gradually immersing ourselves in this state, playing with happiness, we would attain eternity and most importantly become immortal. After all, what actually kills us is the state of unhappiness that our egoism brings us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah offers us to be happy and shows us how to do it. So I am for true happiness 365 days a year.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/20/16

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Happy People Live On Less

laitman_766_2Comment: Many studies have been conducted about happiness. Scientists claim that happy carefree people live on less than gloomy people. At the same time, many studies conducted by the Yale, Denver University, and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem indicate that books about how to be happy actually bring the opposite. The readers of such books acquire a lot of information and begin to chase happiness, but this chase doesn’t lead to success and they begin to feel even worse.

Answer: The pursuit of happiness eventually leads to misery if one cannot attain happiness. If a person feels even slightly dissatisfied, he is already miserable.

If happiness came down to a weekend fishing trip or getting a ticket to a football match, it would be possible to attain happiness, it would be within reach. But if you’re running after some transcendental happiness, it can be found, and is possible, but how you attain it is unclear.

From the perspective of the ego, our whole life is a totally empty chase because happiness keeps evading us. We run after it, but it keeps getting further and further way. We still chase it and it draws even further way. This is how our life ends without attaining happiness.

Therefore, there are many things that satisfy people today: there are drugs, sports or other temptations like programs on the Internet or TV, and there is no need to chase happiness. A person can watch a football game or a program and feel happy.

Moreover, the public opinion is the same belief that happiness is right within our reach. One day you have a drink after work, the next day you can meet with friends and another day you can go out and have fun with your kids.

This means that our life is arranged so that a person would be satisfied and feel good without problems. It is like injecting different types of drugs to people, a emotional, spiritual, or informational drug. This gives the person the opportunity to calm himself without thinking about more lofty matters.

Comment: Still, there is a hole in this theory since depression is on the rise.

Answer: The hole is not because the media are trying to suppress any desire to something that is sublime, but because our ego keeps popping its head crying out: “What is the point?!” Here the media are invited to hit it on the head with a hammer so that it will lower it again.

As Baal HaSulam said, the most important thing for us is: “to float unknowingly in the streams of life as we have always done,” meaning that a person wants to take his mind off this question and continue his life without thinking.

But the fact is that the means we have to suppress our egoism or its fictitious filling is limited. We have nothing left but to listen to what it is mumbling about the meaning of life. In any case, we will still have to answer this question correctly without clogging it with all sorts of false goals and content.

As a result, humanity will awaken from the false feeling of euphoria brought about by drugs and anti-depressants with a great groan around the world, which will be sure to lead it to find the true meaning of our existence.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/17/16

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New Life #607 – Relations Between Israel And The World

New Life #607 – Relations Between Israel And The World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Israel doesn’t depend on the United States or Russia; the truth is that they depend on it, as does the entire world. These powers and others, and in general all changes in the world, are designed to bring Israel closer to its historic role.

If Israel were to function correctly, the people of Israel would be on top, the entire world would respect us and would be happy to help us and learn from us. Only Israel can offer the world a method for unity among everyone above egoism, above the differences.

In the future, technology will solve our material concerns and we will engage in developing good relationships between us. Today the world hates Israel because we are not functioning correctly, and they explain that this is due to our attitude toward the Palestinians. Yet the inner truth is that they hate us because Israel is holding onto the “heavenly valve.” If abundance doesn’t come into the world through us, it is bad for everyone.

Specifically today, when every day reveals more corruption here, this is the time to investigate our roots. It is up to us to achieve connection between us until all of us feel that we are like a single body, like an improved family.
From KabTV’s “New Life #607 – Relations Between Israel And The World,” 8/6/15

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