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“We Must Expel The Gentiles From Israel To Saudi Arabia”

Laitman_509Opinion ( “Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said that non-Jews should not live in the Land of Israel if they do not abide by a set of seven laws mandated by Judaism.

“’According to Jewish law, gentiles should not live in the Land of Israel,’ Yosef said Saturday in a sermon. ‘If a gentile does not agree to take on the seven Noahide Laws, we should send him to Saudi Arabia. When the true and complete redemption arrives, that is what we will do.’

“The only reason non-Jews were still allowed to live in the Jewish state was the fact that the Messiah had yet to arrive, he said. ‘If our hand were firm, if we had the power to rule, that’s what we should do. But the thing is, our hand is not firm, and we are waiting for the Messiah,’ he added.

“Yosef added that gentiles who do agree to take on the Noahide Laws — a basic moral code that includes prohibitions on denying the existence of God, blasphemy, murder, illicit sexual relations, theft, and eating from a live animal, as well as a requirement to instate a legal system — will be allowed to remain in the land and fulfill roles reserved for gentiles in the service of Jews.”

My Comment: That’s right, that is even said in the Torah, but the meaning of the “Land of Israel” is our corrected ego, a desire of love for everyone, as called for in the entire Torah: “Love thy neighbor, the great rule of the Torah.”

There is no place for all other desires in the corrected desire, they must be removed from it, meaning that they have become corrected with a feeling of absolute love—a condition called complete deliverance (of selfishness), and a person must actively wait for this. He must wait for the influence of a unique power on him, which corrects all of the egoism in a person. This is called the Messiah—from the word “pulling out,” extracting a person from his ego.

To the degree that the ego is corrected, a person feels a desire for bestowal and love in its corrected part, which is called the upper world. The full correction of the ego is called the attainment of the “Garden of Eden” (paradise, heaven). Therefore love toward others is the general law of the Torah.

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By A Spring Of Fresh Water

laitman_525Question: Will it be more difficult for the next generations to correct their ego?

Answer: It will be easier for the next generations to correct their ego because we are paving the road for them. We are the pioneers, and that is why it is so difficult for us. When I began to study, there were no easy books about the wisdom of Kabbalah. There were no introductions, and my teachers spoke in a language that I didn’t understand at all.

Today, everything is much easier and simpler. There are many materials on our Internet site, and everything has been prepared for you, for those who study. I hope that new students will arrive who will open new opportunities for us and give us a big push toward the right description of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: People who read the writings of Baal HaSulam don’t understand anything, which means that there is no way they can understand him without commentaries.

Answer: When I began to study, it wasn’t easy either. On the other hand, I had the feeling that I was drinking fresh water—that I was by a spring that I couldn’t reach, but it was spraying drops of fresh, cool water on me. I couldn’t reach the water, but it was fresh. This feeling lasted for a very long time.

My teacher always said that many pennies add up to a big sum, which means that every small effort is added to the previous effort and that you need a lot of patience for that.

I didn’t have a group and friends who studied with me. I had no one by my side but my teacher. On the one hand, it was very hard. However, on the other hand, I realize today that it was necessary in order to bring me up as an independent individual, a lone wolf, a loner who could advance in life without needing anyone. This is the reason that I can be independent today.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/16/16

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IMF: Cheap Oil Will Not Save The World Economy

laitman_547_06In the News ( “IMF [International Monetary Fund] experts did not record any positive changes from low oil prices. They attribute this to the fall in demand and are advised to wait for a rebound of oil.

“Previously, experts have looked quite optimistically at the fall of oil prices, they believed that it would push the global economy to growth.

“According to their forecasts, profits of importing countries should outweigh the losses of exporting countries, according to a note by the Fund on March 24. According to this document, the price of oil fell by 65%, but in most countries it has frozen the growth of the economy. Last summer, the IMF was inclined to a different scenario. …

“The IMF concludes that the global economy will feel the benefits of low prices only at the moment when they begin to grow again.”

My Comment: There will be no rise in prices because:

1. It is impossible to resist new forms of energy.

2. People are tired of the pursuit of acquisitions.

3. The selfishness of humanity is changing and requires new forms of contentment, above the material.

4. Ahead is the disclosure of new sources of energy and food.

5. The law of natural development includes us within it against our will, without asking us what form of life we want to reach. There is no other possibility, because it is impossible to determine the next higher level from our lowest level of development. But humanity unwisely constantly tries to do this. This can be seen by the IMF errors.

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Why Are We Criticized?

laitman_547_05Question: I am amazed by the relatively massive criticism that you and your organization receive.

Answer: I don’t agree with you. I am amazed by the relatively little amount of criticism that we receive.

After all, we tell the world what people hate most of all, that they must rid themselves of their egoistic nature and acquire a new, altruistic nature, not the fictitious altruistic nature that we often see in our world, but the true altruistic nature that has nothing to do with our egoistic nature. A person cannot even imagine what that is.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is called the wisdom of truth, and it is about love for others only regardless of yourself. We must reach the state of love of others through our own yearning, not by coercion. Now is actually the time that such a period is beginning in human evolution, and our organization is aiming at creating the right conditions for bringing humanity to this state.

But who likes to hear about that? This is the reason that we have so many critics. Although they don’t understand anything about this method, it is the actual goal that arouses such hate in them. We, on the other hand, must continue to reveal the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah according to our sources to the entire world.

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The Ghosts Of Communism

laitman_600_04In the News ( “…in many Western countries, the central banks have begun to set negative interest rates. They have been introduced in Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, and partially by the European Central Bank. It sounds crazy – to pay extra money for their loan, but this is craziness is already a reality.

Advances in technology, robotic labor, lead to a reduction in production costs and time to launch new types of products. Even the products can easily be copied and competitors run at a lower price. Under such conditions, the product is cheaper, the market is saturated, and the capital invested in production can not get any advantage in the market, nor the maximum value added. And the consumer can not support the demand: he has already acquired all he needs. …

“As a result, interest on loans or pay for work is not particularly needed. Money becomes so cheap that working for it simply becomes unprofitable. Employers must either reduce working time or to distribute the money … free. For example, in Sweden, many companies began to reduce the working week by 20%. And in Switzerland they are going to introduce lifelong payments to every citizen – regardless of whether he works or not – just to live. And the very same work becomes a purely private matter.

“And what’s next? The depreciation of money, deflation, the inability to redistribute added value, which will lead to a depreciation of the means of production themselves, which will be converted to zero and even negative value. And because of the possibility not to work, there will be a deficit of skilled labor. As a result, corporations will distribute its shares to employees – just as a bonus. And workers can simply redeem the enterprise, making it their own. By the way, in his later works, Marx considered such an option – the workers purchase of the means of production in order to avoid a bloody confrontation with the expropriation of the powerful companies.

“All this will lead capitalism into a deep crisis, and mankind to communism, but the path will be very difficult.
Perhaps it was this realization that makes the Fed look for the slightest opportunity to save the interest rate, thereby saving the cost of borrowing. But 18 trillion in debt already is making such efforts less and less effective …”

My Comment: What was said in the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years is materializing. Yet the solution that has been offered by the wisdom of Kabbalah remains unclaimed despite the approaching realization of the opposite case: bloody conflicts.

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New Life 713 – The Seder And The Birth Of The People Of Israel

New Life 713 – The Seder And The Birth Of The People Of Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

How is our situation today as a people analogous to the situation of the children of Israel in the story of the Exodus from Egypt? From what must we be freed to become free people and why does the Passover holiday symbolize the birth of the people of Israel?

The night of the Seder symbolizes the birth of the people of Israel, the exit from the womb that became tight and oppressive. Even today we are living in a world full of pressures that they say will advance us toward our birth into a new world. The night of the Seder is like a family game, like a theater, and it connects us as a people. On the night of the Seder we go through everything that had been said to Abraham in the “Brit Bein HaBatrim” (Covenant Between the Pieces) (Genesis 15:7-21). Abraham wanted to know what would bring humanity to connection and love, and the Creator answered him with the exile in Egypt.

Egypt symbolizes capitalistic development, prosperity, and their problems. Like today, there is material abundance in our world, but without spiritual satisfaction. Therefore the disorder of depression has developed followed by the manufacture of sedatives.

The Torah tells about what seem to be an external situations to explain internal situations. So that we will decide that we want to escape from Egypt, ten plagues for our ego are required because the ego is what prevents us from being connected and feeling that we are one people rather than there being unfounded hatred and division. The destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (Temple) was the result of unfounded hatred, before we arose as a nation. In the meantime, we are an ingathering of exiles. Only connection and love between us can transform us into a people because the Light specifically comes out of the darkness.
From KabTV’s “New Life 713 – The Seder And The Birth Of The People Of Israel,” 4/12/16

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