IMF: Cheap Oil Will Not Save The World Economy

laitman_547_06In the News ( “IMF [International Monetary Fund] experts did not record any positive changes from low oil prices. They attribute this to the fall in demand and are advised to wait for a rebound of oil.

“Previously, experts have looked quite optimistically at the fall of oil prices, they believed that it would push the global economy to growth.

“According to their forecasts, profits of importing countries should outweigh the losses of exporting countries, according to a note by the Fund on March 24. According to this document, the price of oil fell by 65%, but in most countries it has frozen the growth of the economy. Last summer, the IMF was inclined to a different scenario. …

“The IMF concludes that the global economy will feel the benefits of low prices only at the moment when they begin to grow again.”

My Comment: There will be no rise in prices because:

1. It is impossible to resist new forms of energy.

2. People are tired of the pursuit of acquisitions.

3. The selfishness of humanity is changing and requires new forms of contentment, above the material.

4. Ahead is the disclosure of new sources of energy and food.

5. The law of natural development includes us within it against our will, without asking us what form of life we want to reach. There is no other possibility, because it is impossible to determine the next higher level from our lowest level of development. But humanity unwisely constantly tries to do this. This can be seen by the IMF errors.

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