The Oil Powers Require War

Laitman_408Opinion (From “Oil prices continue to decline. Key mining projects have been put on hold, and the oil industry is poised for a wave of bankruptcies. To return to equilibrium in the world markets will take several years. It’s too long to immerse themselves in the crises of Russia or Saudi Arabia’s economy and with the challenges faced in the United States and Iran; the interests of the powers coincide: they want war and a rise in prices, and this is a concern. …

“Russia, which has incorporated in their budget the average price of $50 per barrel, gradually eats its financial reserves. Before the 2013 fall of the ‘black gold’ prices, their volume was roughly 500 billion, and in December 2015 this figure dropped to 350 billion. …

“Saudi Arabia, in its struggle in the world markets, too, can not withstand such a long period of market stabilization. In October 2015 the International Monetary Fund estimated that if the costs of the country remain the same, huge financial reserves of the kingdom will be exhausted after five years. … It was stressed that balancing their budget could only be provided with the price of oil at $ 100 per barrel. …  Iran needs money. … However, for sustained increase in exports, he [Iran] will need huge amounts of money to invest in the oil sector. In addition, investments require almost all other segments of the economy. Iran, which has been for many years cut off from technological innovations, must quickly catch up. Low oil prices are not conducive to capital increase.

“The American shale revolution needs an infusion. The United States also experienced difficulties associated with low oil prices. The volume of oil shale in Texas and North Dakota fell sharply. Due to the complicated production process (need for a method of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing), such projects are profitable with the price at the level of $ 50-60 per barrel. … Moreover, they have canceled the 70’s ban on the export of oil and are going to conquer foreign markets. … The alarming convergence of interests: oil powers need war Each of these powers, as can be seen from the above facts, it is interested in an outbreak of the conflict, which would quickly raise the price of oil to a reasonable, in their opinion, level. Can these goals be used by growing Iranian-Saudi confrontation? I think this is quite likely since the oil interests of the two countries, the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, are involved as well as the religious aspect is present.”

My Comment: War is always needed by someone in the world. But today war helps to cut the knot of conflict; to many that is how it seems. After a fistfight, it is easier to talk.

It is possible to avoid war only by attracting the good force of Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) into the world. Only those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah are prepared to attract it through their unity. Since it becomes possible for them to manipulate and maneuver the higher force of goodness, they stimulate its increased influence on our world to the degree that they resemble it.

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