Libya: This Was A War For Oil

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “The Libyan conflict has been a war about oil if not for’ oil. The country’s economy is almost totally dependent on hydrocarbons and a key objective for the transitional government will be to get the wells up and running again as soon as possible.

“The British and French, meanwhile, are worried about future energy supplies. They are already pushing and shoving over who should get what of the energy proceeds before the political dust has even settled in Tripoli (just as BP and Shell are once again sitting pretty in Iraq following western military intervention there).

“The UK government has been working hand in glove with parts of the oil industry to bring about regime change in Libya.

“Foreign minister Alain Juppé was trying to bury a story run in Liberation that suggested that Paris had tied up an agreement to be given 35% of all the country’s oil in future in return for military help.

“An executive from the rebel oil company, Agoco, has already said the interests of Britain, France, and Italy will all be treated favorably compared with those who equivocated, such as Russia and China.

“It was a war around oil in Libya – but the new interim government in Tripoli could yet win that, too.”

My Comment: Of course, politicians and the army usually carry out the objectives of economists. But it is interesting how the results will manifest in a new, globally connected world. Everything that happens in the world now is only in order to force all nations to rise above differences and create a new global network of mutual guarantee relationships.

Thus, we will be able to turn the global crisis into a correct global relationship and to create a new humanity. Our disagreement with the plan of nature (human evolution) evokes more severe forces that will “enforce peace” on us.

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  1. Mindlessness, greed, stone hearts, indifference, and internal fractured people will slay Adam before he is even born.

    Do we see yet how our crimes in love are coming back? How much have we mistreated one another, betraying our inner child, who would not harm a fly.

    Where did this disease come from? Imperfection? I do not know, but everything comes from what was before in the physical world, so this sickness has been here all along…

  2. I am frightened by the fact that many of my contemporaries around where I live, say that the fundamental problem is not that there isn’t enough resources, but that there are too many people, and that the solution is war and genocide…

    This is what happens when man has no purpose to his life, he collapses into a black hole, as dark as the abyss.

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