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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/17/16

laitman_565_02Question: How is a person’s spiritual advancement determined?

Answer: According to how high you ascend above your egoism.

Question: Does the Creator trust a person?

Answer: The Creator trusts a person to the same extent that a person resembles Him and is equal to Him in his attributes.

Question: What does the right woman mean?

Answer: The right woman is the right desire a person has.

Question: Why and for what purpose does a person live?

Answer: In order to reach the Creator and resemble Him, which means the complete connection with the upper force, so that a person can actually reach the level of the Creator.

Question: How can it be that the world is not corrected? Is nature the Creator?

Answer: The nature of this world is corrected except for mankind. The moment humanity is corrected, we will immediately begin to feel the Creator who fills the whole world.

Question: According to Buddhism, we should find our true self; according Sophism, we should forget about our self. Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me discover who I am and whether I actually exist?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah performs changes in a person so that he can discover the Creator inside him; that’s all.

Question: Is the sixth sense a Masach (screen) or spiritual insight?

Answer: The sixth sense is a Masach.

Question: How can I overcome the constant feeling of dissatisfaction from reality?

Answer: It is a good thing that reality doesn’t satisfy you! Look beyond this reality and then you will feel satisfied!

Question: How does the intention differ from the desire?

Answer: The intention is the fulfillment of the desire in a certain way.

Question: Do we need to pardon and to forget?

Answer: We must forgive, understanding that others also include you and that they are merely weak creatures with which the ego plays. Therefore we should not be offended by anyone for any reason, but should feel that behind every action people perform there is the Creator. If you relate to it this way, you will soon discover Him without a problem in the relationships between people.

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An Ordinary Dream

laitman_543_01Question: Is ordinary dreaming an egoistic and deeper perception of reality that is felt by a person?

Answer: An ordinary dream is no different than other states that a person experiences, except that at this time the brain is detached from the perception of our world and of the upper world, and is involved with the correct storage of information that is gathered in a state of disorder within it.

Question: Is immersion in a dream or sleep more or less an egoistic state?

Answer: No more and no less. It is simply a mundane state in which the brain organizes itself. It is really involved in a lot of work during sleep, and it is necessary to allow the opportunity for it.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain why a person spends around a third of his life asleep?

Answer: Certainly, a lot is written about sleep in the wisdom of Kabbalah. A state of sleep is divided into two parts: the physical and the spiritual. The wisdom of Kabbalah examines how this state happens in us, and from what spiritual source it is derived. After all, everything in our world has a spiritual root.

Kabbalah investigates the roots of everything that happens on Earth. The spiritual source of dreaming is the ejection of Light from the Kli, from the desire, so basically only a small amount of Light remains in it. Then the Kli is found in a passive state called a “dream,” which is “a sixtieth part” of death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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The Pope: Open Your Hearts To The Refugees

laitman_600_02Comment: The Pope made a speech about the refugees in which he emphasized: “It cannot be that so much suffering should fall on innocent men, women and children!” He called for everyone to open their doors and hearts to them.

Answer: Everything he spoke about is correct, but only if there is no violence. There is a total lack of education, information, and previous unity among the population of Europe and the refugees.

The refugees want to dominate Europe. They have not really fled from their homeland because of a terrible war; rather, it is more because of the fact that they have been paid a lot of money to come to Europe as conquerors, not as those seeking a temporary warm and safe place. So it is impossible to speak of them as refugees, but only as a conquering army.

Question: Is there a way out of the situation into which Europe has been thrown?

Answer: No, this kind of situation will continue; the situation will drift out of control. Europe cannot oppose it. It cannot close its borders to them because it is completely divided into factions. It is broken, and the nations of the European Union cannot reach any agreement between them. So it is natural that this problem will not be solved.

Question: Will nations like Hungary, Macedonia, and others be able to close themselves to the refugees?

Answer: Eastern Europe can be closed. First, the refugees aren’t really trying to get there. Second, people are living there who learned in Soviet schools and don’t have any particular emotional weaknesses and so on. They recently had a similar experience not long ago.

Question: Basically, is the prophecy about the subjugation of Europe by the Muslims materializing?

Answer: Yes, Europe will be conquered by the Muslims, and everywhere, instead of European churches and cathedrals, there will be Muslim mosques and madrassas (Islamic religious schools).

Question: Will there be a war between Christianity and Islam?

Answer: No, Christianity will surrender peacefully.

Question: What will happen to Judaism?

Answer: Nothing. Those who can will leave Europe; those who cannot will gradually dissipate.

Question: What should the perspective of Israel be regarding this process?

Answer: We very simply don’t need to be interested in what is happening in Europe at all or its conquest by Islamic hordes. We don’t need to get involved with any mundane matters; rather, we must re-educate ourselves to full unification. This is our only concern.

Our unity will then influence the entire world and the nations of the world, first of all, the Christians and Muslims; they will suddenly feel an attraction to each other and the possibility of their mutual acceptance. They will understand that this comes from the Jews, and then they will gradually form mutual relationships between them, and after that this will spread throughout the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/17/16

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All Our Decisions Stem From The Ultimate Goal

laitman_238_02Question: How can we make the right decisions at the right time?

Answer: We have to make every decision in life as if we were throwing a hook toward the ultimate goal, wanting to catch it and bring ourselves closer to it.

This is how we should cope with all the minor decisions we have to make along the way, like eating, sleeping, studying, work, educating our kids, our relationship with our spouse, etc. This means that every decision we make in life, starting from the smallest things to the largest, should first be tied to our ultimate goal and then carried out accordingly.

It is like in sports, for example, if you want to win an Olympic medal, all your actions should be aimed at that goal. In the wisdom of Kabbalah the ultimate goal is the revelation of the Creator, and so all our decisions should be made accordingly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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New Life 698 – Making A Living Without Having To Work

New Life 698 – Making A Living Without Having To Work
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

According to a new initiative in Finland and Switzerland, every citizen will be entitled to a basic salary without any conditions. This initiative shows that humanity is advancing toward a new attitude to money and to work in general.

The idea of wages may become irrelevant in the future as everyone will receive the same wages and only those whose work is really necessary will actually work, so instead of polluting nature by producing unnecessary products and by aggressive advertising, we will cease to be slaves and will live comfortably. This will happen when we stop chasing wealth that doesn’t lead to happiness and we will organize a life that is really good. And when technology frees most people from work, we will all learn how to have corrected relationships. The development of the ego will make us lose interest in consumerism and in being slaves to work as we are today.

Providing every citizen with minimum wages is destructive and will lead people to being indifferent and disconnected from reality since a person will not know how to fill his day. He will therefore need some guidance since otherwise he can go mad. Giving every citizen a basic salary unconditionally will create people who don’t want to work and who are unfit to work. What we should do is to bring everyone to a cultural-educational experiential framework.
From KabTV’s “New Life 698 – Making A Living Without Having To Work,” 3/3/1

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