Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/17/16

laitman_565_02Question: How is a person’s spiritual advancement determined?

Answer: According to how high you ascend above your egoism.

Question: Does the Creator trust a person?

Answer: The Creator trusts a person to the same extent that a person resembles Him and is equal to Him in his attributes.

Question: What does the right woman mean?

Answer: The right woman is the right desire a person has.

Question: Why and for what purpose does a person live?

Answer: In order to reach the Creator and resemble Him, which means the complete connection with the upper force, so that a person can actually reach the level of the Creator.

Question: How can it be that the world is not corrected? Is nature the Creator?

Answer: The nature of this world is corrected except for mankind. The moment humanity is corrected, we will immediately begin to feel the Creator who fills the whole world.

Question: According to Buddhism, we should find our true self; according Sophism, we should forget about our self. Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help me discover who I am and whether I actually exist?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah performs changes in a person so that he can discover the Creator inside him; that’s all.

Question: Is the sixth sense a Masach (screen) or spiritual insight?

Answer: The sixth sense is a Masach.

Question: How can I overcome the constant feeling of dissatisfaction from reality?

Answer: It is a good thing that reality doesn’t satisfy you! Look beyond this reality and then you will feel satisfied!

Question: How does the intention differ from the desire?

Answer: The intention is the fulfillment of the desire in a certain way.

Question: Do we need to pardon and to forget?

Answer: We must forgive, understanding that others also include you and that they are merely weak creatures with which the ego plays. Therefore we should not be offended by anyone for any reason, but should feel that behind every action people perform there is the Creator. If you relate to it this way, you will soon discover Him without a problem in the relationships between people.

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  1. I once pondered on why it is we smoke, which I have subsequently left. The answer I came to after reading Zohar was that we would rather take the fire of nicotine rather than take the fire of our relationships.

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