The Force Of Overcoming, Part 4

Laitman_120Question: Why is our whole life a matter of overcoming?

Answer: It is especially that way so that we will learn to channel our desire anew, which is an actual rebirth. I have to clarify what is important for me in life. I have 24 hours a day, so what would I like to do during this time? How do I want to fill these hours with the most beneficial activities?

Then I begin to reflect and think about the meaning of life. It is because life is made of these 24 hours every day. Is there a purpose to my existence that makes my life worth living? I try to understand what I should fill my day with and what is a waste of time.

Thus, I clarify the importance of a certain state and this is where I have to overcome in order to increase the importance of the state.

I constantly work on this clarification by determining the goal and everything that is related to it more and more accurately. If I decide to become a famous musician, for example, I have to dedicate all my time to that.

I have to examine and to study this matter, to listen to different types of music and to engage in everything that is related to this occupation. Thus I clarify it more and more by building up inside me a desire and an attraction to be a famous musician, that it totally dominates me and I only think about it.

I don’t care and don’t worry about food or clothes, rest or entertainment. I want one thing only: music! It is because I have made it so important for me by myself. I have built up this importance artificially, and this is called overcoming since I have formed a desire inside me, a need, an attraction for something that wasn’t important at all for me before.

Now it isn’t an effort at all to constantly yearn for music, to work and to improve my skills, to rehearse ten hours a day as a real musician is required to.

It is the same in every other area: in education, in family life, at work, in any way I advance and organize my life. If we want to achieve something, we shouldn’t force ourselves to do what we don’t want to.

We want a good and pleasant life and so we have to build up inside us the desire for what we have to do. Overcoming is turning what we have to do into what we want to do!

If I build up inside me a desire for what I have to do anyway, this occupation will cease to be difficult. This is how I can change my life by turning it from hard work into a continuous adventure, a continuous vacation.

If I channel my desire anew, all the difficulties will disappear. I will not have to force myself to work and to suffer by making an effort each time I perform a certain action and by overcoming myself each time; this type of work will become desirable. The overcoming will only be needed in order to make it important for me.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/27/14

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