The Force Of Overcoming, Part 3

laitman_527_01The essence of overcoming is that a person feels the importance in what he did not appreciate before. For example, he wants to lose weight and that it is why he joins a weight loss association. In this society, everyone talks how bad it is to be fat, how much it harms health, causes others to make fun of you, and makes you clumsy and awkward.

Hearing all this, one is burning with the desire to lose weight. The environment has a strong influence on a person, and he begins to follow a diet. In the past, he could not help eating sweets. And now he suddenly loses taste for the things that he loved before. Thus, he is gradually changing.

That is, overcoming is related not to the action itself, but to the acquired feeling of importance of what was previously thought unimportant and did not do, as one followed one’s desire.

But now I have overcome my reluctance, acquired a new need, desire, and value, and therefore, I act to achieve it. It is already not difficult for me and does not require overcoming.

Suppose I must refrain from eating lunch. In the beginning it was absolutely impossible for me because I longingly waited for this lunch from the morning. But now I not only stopped waiting for it but I forget all about it. That is, overcoming was needed to stop thinking about food, but not to abstain from it.

Question: At some point, a person gets accustomed to the diet so much that it becomes easy to observe it?

Answer: No, it is not about a habit, but about finding such a strong desire to become slender that will completely suppress my appetite.

Before I was drawn to something harmful to me and I was constantly thinking about it. But now I think precisely about this harm, which becomes more important for me than pleasure. Being slender is more important to me than eating something tasty and gaining weight. And I cannot lose weight while eating everything in sight.

If the risk of obesity for me is more important than the pleasure of food, then the importance of this, my desire to be healthy, directs me to the other side. So, it is not difficult for me to follow a diet. I forget that delicious food exists at all.

That is, I do not need to overcome my desire to eat all the time, overcoming is required only to maintain a constant understanding in me of the importance of being slender.

Usually people associate overcoming with a struggle with their desire to eat tasty food. But this is not correct. Overcoming is to always seek confirmation of how good it is to be fit. I have to constantly make affirmations: “It is important to be slender! How fit people around me are! How disgusting it is to be fat!”

Then I will not be afraid to pass by a restaurant or a pastry shop; their flavors will not attract me because I will aim at different things. My desire will not be directed to food but at how to be slender. That is, I need to change the vector of my focus, goal, to switch attention from one to the other: from tasty food to a slender figure. This is the entirety of overcoming.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/27/14

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