The End Of The World, When There Is No Internet

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “good publicity”? How is this art expressed practically? What feeling should it awaken so that society moves forward beyond the level where it is now?

Answer: Advertising and communication tools in general should be transformed into the engine leading to the connection between us all. As per the title “means of communication,” they should be at the center of society, creating connection between us. In them, humanity is able to attain satisfaction, contentment, and happiness.

Look what happens during a small shutdown of an Internet network. People are literally shocked! They understood what it means to be disconnected. Lack of information seems to them as a disaster and they don’t know how to live. Nothing like this happened in the past.

So far, we are linked artificially, without feelings. This is not yet a connection between people, but for the time being, is only transmission of shortened, material, primitive information. But it is obvious that the need for new relations is becoming intensified in us.

If mobile communications, the Internet, and social networks can help us feel the pleasure of unity, they will cause acceleration in the development of means of communication. From these means, we will proceed to the building of a special global system in which everyone can communicate, seemingly in an imaginary world.

This world is not imaginary, but virtual, in which we are disconnected from our bodies and live in a new collective mind and heart. And it is not a utopia. With a great desire, this process may take a few years.

We are talking about a very serious new stage which is communication without borders, through feelings and emotions and with people putting themselves above physical life. Here they do not care about drugs, terror, or sedatives, are not immersed in a depression, nor closed off in a separate room. They do not even feel together, because the concept of together disappears, and is the concept of “one” and one is not the sum of individual parts.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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