From Advertisement To True Values

laitman_547_01Once it was enough for a craftsman to hang a sign above the place where he worked. People could obtain services they required according to a list of addresses in a city. However, today, they are forced upon us, raising their value from zero to the level required.

Today, society is arranged so that our necessities are met, and every thing else is artificially inflated consumption. This  approach is clearly not reasonable or correct, but it is presented to us through investments in advertising that total 50% or more of the price of the product.

For example, recently, I saw a television channel for dogs. It would be no wonder if pets sitting in front of the television were to begin making demands, like children, for the products that are advertised to them.

Speaking seriously, humanity has sunk into a depression under the influence of the general crisis. Therefore advertising will become more and more difficult. The frustrated person doesn’t want anything. He is offered all kinds of delicacies, but he cannot taste them because he doesn’t want anything.

This trend exacerbates the general economic crisis, and we see that the world is in a decline. Of course, the crisis has not appeared everywhere, mostly in developed nations. And where it there is a shortage of necessary goods, the situation is different.

So, entrepreneurs transfer their resources to the underdeveloped nations to ready a market for their goods. Advertising helps generate consumers, but not for long.

After a few years we will see that the world will be satiated and people will be disappointed with anything that isn’t a necessity. We already are seeing now that the value of anything that we don’t need has lessened.

If a person feels that he is missing something but doesn’t know exactly what, he will be satisfied with products necessary for existence and he won’t want to make the effort for anything else. So, advertising is experiencing a crisis.

However, we must understand that advertising is a communications tool. I would say that it is a weapon of communication, a tool for communication between people. Now it influences individuals, because as yet, its purpose isn’t understood.

But if ever attention is paid to its primary job  (the creation of connections between people), then its influence will be educational: the advertisement of true values.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/2/14

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