A Farewell To The Old World

Dr. Michael LaitmanMaterial development of man comes to a halt and frees space for a new stage of evolution.

Today all spheres of our lives are permeated with despair. It has come to a point where we don’t know what to do with our children. After all, we brought them into this world for a good life, but this is not what we see approaching in the future.

Why should a person harness himself to a family life if it doesn’t bring him any positive changes? There should be a reason for taking on such a heavy burden.

Being tied to a particular place or a country is becoming a thing of the past. People simply want a better life, and they are ready to go wherever they can find it. This is how we break down all the borders, limitations, and the old “wrappings,” in which we developed for thousands of years.

In the past it was clear to a person that he belonged to a certain nation, place, and culture, that he was attached to his family and to everything that represented life’s foundation at that time. From generation to generation fathers taught their children a profession: A son of a blacksmith eventually became a blacksmith, and a son of a shepherd became a shepherd. A young man knew that he would marry a girl from a nearby village, and life proceeded according to these rules.

Today everything has changed. People worldwide are abandoning old rules. Our egoism, our inner desires, and our consciousness are quickly transforming, only we ourselves don’t know what they’re transforming into.

We are led by our desire for fulfillment, and this desire is destroying all barriers that used to keep us within the generally accepted boundaries. In our time nothing is generally accepted or obvious. Everything is unsteady and impermanent. Whatever is convenient at the moment is considered right.

People have risen above the limitations in which they existed throughout history. In the heights of this process we don’t realize the scale of changes that are taking place. The borders have been erased and people are ready to feel at home in any given country. Whether we want it or not, the earth is becoming a common territory. And even though we are at the beginning of this new trend, it is nonetheless irreversible.

Along with this process we are revealing a new kind of emptiness which can’t be filled regardless of where we live or what we do. Our elevation above old limitations and our readiness for new forms of development don’t allow us to fulfill our growing desire. It’s this desire that elevated us above the old world and threw us right into the storm of changes. It demands the kind of fulfillment that can’t be found anywhere.

Humanity is in crisis: It will either find a new form of fulfillment or it will have to calm itself down with alcohol, drugs, and antidepressants. Actually, this is already happening on an ever-increasing scale. But this isn’t a solution, and sooner or later (better sooner) we’ll realize that it’s time to replace material fulfillment with the spiritual one.
From the 4thpart of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/22/11 on The Principles of Global Education

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