Unify To Give Birth To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe creature descends from the perfection of the world of Infinity into our world and, before reaching it, begins to divide into two parts: male and female. These two parts, which previously existed in total harmony, try to preserve their mutual connection. But at the last moment, when their connection breaks, they split into two. It triggers the creation of the system of the impure worlds that distanced the male part from the female one.

As they were infinitely unified in the world of Infinity, so they became infinitely withdrawn from each other in the impure worlds. That is where they fell into our world from, the world where the male and female parts are fully separated from each other and exist at a minimal degree of connection, in order sustain the existence in the still, vegetative, and animate forms of matter, as well as at the “speaking” level.

The force of connection manifests in them not as cooperation and reciprocity but as their consumption of each other. Hence, their state is totally opposite to the spiritual world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah states that our world came into existence with the creation of the perfect creature, Adam, that divided into two parts. They separated and severed the contact with one another, yet still preserved some connection and interdependence. This begot the life in our world, the life full of suffering.

Being disconnected from the spiritual world, we have to come to the realization that only our internal, spiritual unification will create a place for the revelation of the Creator. And then it will be called: “Husband and wife, and the Shechina between them.”

The unification and mutual inclusion of multiple male and female parts complimenting each other will result in the revelation of the Creator within them, which is their mutual, perfect part where the upper Light unfolds.
From the Introductory Lesson Series 3/8/2011, “Reaching a Balance”


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