The Internet As A Power Network

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe history of humanity is the history of egoism’s development. Today, we witness how egoism cannot bring satisfaction to people any longer. Previously, I yearned toward the future: I wanted to buy a car, a yacht, a plane, and so on. But now, profitable and promising desires do not surge in me anymore. After all, I always seek pleasure in something new, but there is nothing new left.

The sensation of fulfillment, pleasure in my desires, is in fact the sensation of life in me. If I do not feel fulfillment of a desire, there is no life either since the desire is dead. Thus, helpless, I am even willing to die so as to not feel this inner emptiness. This is the centuries-old script that propels us toward the future.

Nowadays, humanity subconsciously creates problems and confusion, and acts foolish solely to not feel the inner void. People are willing to fight, make revolutions, anything, in order to feel at least some fulfillment, no matter how negative. For instance, if I don’t have an appetite, I take something sour so as to feel an urge to eat something and enjoy.

If we don’t choose the correct course, such behavior will lead us to war. And we will succumb so that afterward we would feel somewhat better: Finally, we have something to live for. Indeed, why not to fight to refresh and renew ourselves?

It is a very big problem. Governments and media are very well aware of it. That’s why they keep trying to confuse the public by supplying all kinds of excitement for them that will prompt people to do something and receive satisfaction from it. Otherwise, people will face emptiness and will start throwing their leaders off their thrones, sweep away all borders, and commit suicide out of hopelessness.

It will be impossible to control them. How can one rule over a person who doesn’t care about or enjoy anything? So, one should understand that the public is being manipulated on a massive scale, including via the Internet. It isn’t an accident that it is has got such a boost, and it is hardly surprising that it is so accessible and strives to enter every home. It isn’t for us—it is so they may control us.

This is the only way to control people today, by showing them additional “sources of income,” meaning fulfillment. Otherwise, a person will be willing to do whatever it takes since life without pleasure loses all its value for him.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2011, The Principles of Global Education

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  1. The despair of the WTR is when it realizes all light comes from sharing with other people. No matter how much money, it is the people, who are uncontrollable, that we really desire. Out actual desire all along has been for each other’s love and to love.

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