Spiritual Polarity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen studying The Book of Zohar, we should approach it with the intention to find the truth. Indeed, we don’t see anything of the spiritual world and are totally blocked from the spiritual property.

The Light must come and illuminate to us, as if with a projector beam, where we actually are even now: the properties, the sensations, and the dimension in which we reside. In truth, we are in the only place that exists, in desire that is simultaneously egoistic and altruistic, all in one, as if layered atop of each other. But we don’t see it because it remains in the spiritual world, not in our properties.

We exist in the same space, but with our properties we perceive only the material part of reality. There must come a ray of Light, under a certain “angle,” similar to polarized light, and then, in its other vector, surface, we will suddenly reveal the entire world that exists here as well.

This is why we need the upper Light so much: It has to illuminate and reveal to us the world in which we reside here and now.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/2011, The Book of Zohar

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