Virtual Ping Pong

laitman_958Question: Research shows that Israeli youngsters spend up to four hours a day on the Internet, and according to these indicators, Israel is placed as one of the first in the world. In what way does this cyberspace pull so strongly?

Answer: The main reason for all changes that take place in the society is our inner desire. In the beginning it finds pleasure from running around the Internet and social networks, and afterwards begins to separate between valuable things and unnecessary things.

It is the same with TV. When there were only two channels, everyone watched only them. Today there are hundreds of programs but only a few spend time with them. But now people sit for hours on the Internet. I am sure that this also will pass. In another few years the youth of that day will not find anything attractive in spending time in this way.

In the end, why do they connect to the Internet for so many hours? For a few “likes”? No. The youngsters are attracted to the feeling of a permanent connection, like ping pong. Let’s think of how to correctly take advantage of this desire in order to bring them to a new communication, a more internal one.

To do so you have to develop new programs and create these Internet fields where young people will have an emotional link between themselves. And this needs also to be in the physical world, not just in the virtual one. We need to organize all kinds of festivals that will take place in those places where people can connect freely between themselves, i.e., roundtables, discussions, and performances. We need to constantly create the conditions for people for connecting and unity, filling both time and space.

Question: On the one hand, the youth are in social networks. On the other hand, it is very hard for them to connect between themselves.

Answer: Correct. The media distances people. It is easier for me to talk on the phone than to have “face-to-face” conversations. I feel safe behind the screen that’s between us. As a result of this, the gap between me and the outside world is growing. But there is no bad without good: The recognition and disclosure of evil has to take place. And I truly hope that it will happen quickly.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 2/12/14

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