The Children Of The Universe, Part 8

laitman_527_03Today we study nature only through the power to receive, which is our initial, primary attribute. I always aspire to receive what is good for me. This is how I live and this is what I am like; this is my conscious and my subconscious thinking and I cannot think any other way.

This is because I was born out of the evolution of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. Every matter aspires to differentiate and to classify itself in the most efficient way by resisting anything that can cause it harm and resting peacefully as tightly and as safely as possible to the other parts.  Therefore I constantly worry about how to provide everything that I need in the best, safest, and most comfortable way compared to others.

This attribute is typical of all forms of matter including the still nature that passively guards itself. On the vegetative level the environment is already used: organisms produce useful substances from the soil, consume oxygen or carbon dioxide, etc.

Metabolic processes take place in them and they know how to use the environment in order to grow at its expense. Creatures on the animate level grow not only thanks to the still environment but also thanks to the vegetative and the animate. Animals eat plants and other animals.

At the same time, all the organisms develop and multiply, and it is all based on the initial desire to guard themselves as much as possible by keeping away from anything that is harmful and getting closer to what is beneficial. All this is the essence of the egoistic force of receiving that is in every creature.

As for man, he has succeeded in that sense more than all the other levels. He finds pleasure in taking resources from others even if he doesn’t need them since it raises him and makes him more important compared to others around him. He gets rid of and drives away those who can harm him and keeps only those he can benefit from close to him. He doesn’t assess himself in the framework of the closest environment but compared to the whole world throughout time.

The human ego is highly developed, and its perception, its view of the world, is rooted in our internal program. No matter what I perceive by my senses, I see only what I want to see and not what actually happens in reality.

I don’t pay attention to anything that doesn’t belong to my corporeal existence, to my desire to receive. Neutral things that are not harmful or beneficial to me are not in my field of vision. I simply cannot identify them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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