The Purpose Of Life – The Core Of All

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Goals promoted in the outer environment influence me much more strongly than the goal that is set by the Kabbalist and what the group tries to convey to me. What can be done with this contradiction?

Answer: I have a purpose for which I live. If not for that, I would be living the life of a “beast,” I exist because I cannot die and intermittently I satisfying myself with “animal feed.”

But no, I have a goal in life, and I need to be locked onto this with the help of the group, arranging everything so I aim only for this goal. And all the rest of my activities are done according to my life’s goal.

And the goal of life is the revelation of the Creator, which is adherence with Him. This goal is attained through the principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” by means of connection in a group. And I must be attracted only to this and adhere to this alone.

In fact, we are talking about the construction of the spiritual Partzufim that are “inserted” one within the other. The core of everything is the purpose of life. To reach it I need the group. To strengthen the group, dissemination is needed. And therefore I need the entire world or the “nations of the world.”

But the main thing for me is the goal of life, while all others are the essential components required to attain it. And if not for the goal, I would not resort to them. I do and use only what helps me on the way to the goal.

According to this, from the group I need only what is good for attaining the goal, and therefore the entire group must realize the goal for me. Therefore it is said, “He chooses a better environment all the time,” I change the group all of the time and take from it things that are required for me to attain the goal.

The process is dynamic: The dissemination is changing all the time according to what we need for strengthening the group in order to find the shared power in its center and to discover the Creator. But in order to discover the Creator in the center of the group through the power of the guarantee within the group and through the right dissemination, I need to go out to the wider world, to receive deficiencies, obligations, fears, and anxieties from people so that they will push me and obligate me to act. Then I will reach the right demand, and then I discover the Creator.

All of these components are needed on the way except from the external world as it is, the dissemination that we do is enough. We have three levels: the Creator in the center of the group, the group itself with a guarantee and I’m in the group, and dissemination. This is the right agreement that is familiar to us: the lower, the upper, and the upper upper; or interior, middle, and exterior.

The Goal Of Life Is The Axis For Everything

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/01/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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