Different Goals, Same Direction

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: This wisdom is no more and no less than a sequence of roots, which hang down by way of cause and consequence, by fixed, determined rules, interweaving to a single, exalted goal described as “the revelation of His Godliness to His creatures in this world.

All the other things that we would like to attain by using the wisdom of Kabbalah have nothing to do with it. It is like using a physics book with the hope that we may learn medicine from it or going to chemistry lessons in order to learn political science. Here, too, it is the same thing: The wisdom of Kabbalah is only meant to help us reach the revelation of the Creator, period. If you want that, this wisdom will serve as a means for you; if you have no such need, do what ever you like.

Before the desire to reveal the Creator was evoked in people in the course of our evolution, the wisdom of Kabbalah wasn’t revealed so as not to confuse people. Today, when this desire is expressed generally and demands an answer, Kabbalists say that it is time for the wisdom of Kabbalah to be revealed to the world as a means, as a solution.

If you are looking for miracles, or for recipes of how to succeed in life, or how to make the world a better place, or for some secrets, holy water, red strings, or different promises, the wisdom of Kabbalah will be of no help to you in any way. It is a waste of time and you’d be better off going to a fortuneteller or a psychologist. The real wisdom of Kabbalah, and not the mysticism that is sold under this label, is only the revelation of the Creator to the created being and nothing more than that.

Baal HaSulam puts it very simply: If you have the right desire for it, go ahead. Then you have to ask Kabbalists: “How should I use the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to reveal the Creator?” They will tell you that there is the condition of “Love thy friend as thyself.” You should organize a group and in it fulfill this condition by studying and the mutual work against our ego in order to rise above it and to reach the goal.

But first I must clarify whether the goal of my life is adapted to the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah. This should be clearly explained to people, leaving no room for confusion. Of course, everyone checks himself openly for everyone’s sake, but if the desire a person has isn’t ripe yet, if he isn’t ready for the revelation of the Creator yet, he mustn’t be drawn inside forcefully.

Our approach should be tough and clear cut: We treat everyone with respect and consider those who have a desire aimed at the Creator as members, friends. If you don’t have such a desire, Kabbalah isn’t for you—enjoy this world.

Today it is a new era: On the background of the global crisis and helplessness, the whole world is becoming aware of the fact that we have to discover the upper world, the Creator, because otherwise we will not survive and will not be able to exist. This is already a different situation in which we gradually have to tell everyone about the method to some extent. So, we begin to teach people about the principles of mutual guarantee, showing them that it is possible to transcend the troubles of the current crisis and to rise to a life of prosperity through unity and the love of others.

We don’t mention the revelation of the Creator to the general public, but rather present the good life in the world as the goal. By that we are already following the same path: On our part, it is the principle of the unity of Israel, the Torah, and the Creator, and for all the others accompany us, they want to fix their corporeal life. Eventually, thanks to the mutual support, we will all connect with the upper force and reveal it, so today we are taking a course with all of humanity.

The problem is that the masses only see the survival from the crisis and the material prosperity, while we see before us the revelation of the Creator. The goal is different, but the direction is the same.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed to one percent of humanity, and the method of mutual guarantee is meant for the other 99 %. Mutual guarantee is the same wisdom of Kabbalah but without the details and the forces that operate on us. As Kabbalists tell us, people who are not ripe for that should receive what is right for them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/01/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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