One Light, Many Types Of Attire

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne percent of humanity that wants to discover the Creator is obliged to form the connection between Him and all the rest. This is why we were given this desire. In fact, the goal of creation is concealed in the 99% of humanity, while the one percent is evoked in order to act according to the Creator’s direct will. Thus, our only role is to serve the 99%.

Question: Their goal is to have a good life in the corporeal world by using the method of mutual guarantee and connection, while our goal is the Creator. How do these two things go along? How will these two goals, the corporeal and the spiritual, finally connect?

Answer: For you it’s a spiritual goal because you have to draw the Light and discover the Creator so that you’ll have something to pass on to others. Moreover, you’re already passing on the Light in the attire that’s right for them.

We receive the upper Light in the attire of our Returning Light, while the masses receive from us the powers, the guidance, and the solutions in the form of the method of mutual guarantee and connection. Although their goal is corporeal, the Light that operates internally passes on to them through us and then they feel the changes in their mind and feelings.

Under the influence of the Light, we feel that something has changed internally while they don’t feel it as much although they are also changing with time. Now people are also looking for advancement that stems from some inner force. It will change them, and then they will suddenly begin to see the world differently and to judge what’s happening and themselves differently: This is the result of the influence of the Light that Reforms.

It’s the Light and not us that does it internally while we only have to create the connection between the Creator and everyone else. This infusion should go through all of creation following the string of Ein Sof (Infinity) that passes from Ein Sof to the smallest, lowest level. Eventually, if the knowledge of unity comes from us, it will necessarily come to life, and things will begin to improve.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/01/12, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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