We Cannot Live Without Sleep

Laitman_049_01Question: Is there any special meaning in our dreams?

Answer: Usually, dreams are connected with our prior experiences or with our secret, subconscious desires and goals that we don’t even suspect we have. However, there are dreams that disclose our future.

I remember once having a dream before taking a test. The dream vividly showed the situation that later happened in reality. Previously, I had an ability to foresee things. However, we are not capable of using this information, nor can we disclose this kind of knowledge to others. So, our passive revelations are useless.

You don’t have strength or desire to talk about this kind of information, as if it’s locked inside you. At some point, I foresaw what would happen to people near me as if I knew their lives scenarios. Still, I could tell them nothing. However, the things that I foresaw happened later.

Kabbalah doesn’t decipher dreams since they belong to materiality. Our body is just an “animal.” All animals see dreams. Small children constantly have dreams. Dreams help them grow.

Usually, our life consists of superficial, obvious, and habitual situations that bear no novelty whatsoever. All our days are alike. That’s why we see dreams that push us to our genuine, higher role in the future. Dreams promote our sensations and intelligence. They prepare us for the next stage.

Dreams help us cope with the states that are awaiting us in the future—our spiritual ascents. Without dreams, our life would be too monotonous and would resemble the lives of animals. We would live according to the routine: wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, have dinner, watch a silly TV program, and go to bed. Nothing but that!

We can even say that in dreams people become connected by one common thought, one joint force, one desire, even though they are material in nature. This is how we grow.

That’s why little primitive creatures never sleep and can stay awake day and night. They only have seasonal cycles that are connected with yearly seasons. More complicated animals follow the same sleeping pattern as humans.

It is not accidental that we cannot live without sleep. After several sleepless nights a person loses one’s mind. Our brain is unable to function without a break for sleep. Why?

We have no other opportunity to transition from one state to another without separating them by a state of a sleep. This phenomenon can be explained in Kabbalah terms. The state of awakening is called “GAR” (the Upper part). In this state, we stay active and awake. We receive and bestow, exchange sensory and intellectual information with our surroundings.

However, in order to transition between active states, we need a sleep break. A sleeping state is the lower part of a step, called VAK. It is a state of disappearance of the Light of Hochma. It is a part of a larger state. It is not true that people turn into animals while they are asleep. They still are human beings in a state of a sleep. It doesn’t matter if we see dreams or not. The main thing is that dreams “go through” us.

That’s why we wake up all ready for a new day. Nature “prepares the tools” in us while we sleep that we will further need for fulfilling our next task.

It is not accidental that people sleep 8-10 hours a day. Those who sleep less than 6-7 hours, feel bad. Lack of enough sleep can become a spiritual obstacle. Sleep and dreams at night are purely a material phenomena that are a part of our egoism. There is nothing spiritual about them.

Question: Are we under the power of the egoism even when we are asleep?

Answer: Of course! Who else’s power? Our body, all its systems, are egoistic. Just because we fell asleep, it doesn’t mean that we are moving towards spirituality. It is impossible to suddenly acquire the property of bestowal and love of our neighbors. The fact that we don’t possess the quality of bestowal means that we still belong to this material world. The only difference between the materiality and spirituality is intention: whether we act for our own sake or for the sake of others.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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