Regarding The Harm Of Genetically Modified Food

laitman_759The Torah, “Leviticus,” 19:19: You shall observe My statutes: You shall not crossbreed your livestock with different species. You shall not sow your field with a mixture of seeds, and a garment which has a mixture of shaatnez shall not come upon you.

In our times we do exactly the opposite by creating genetically modified food products. This phenomenon has entered into the general destruction of humanity. We have changed greatly and don’t even imagine how the consumption of these food products is influencing us.

If I buy a kilogram of tomatoes and keep them in the kitchen at room temperature of eighty-six degrees and they remain as they were when I bought them a month ago, this is a sign that they are not alive. It is something that has no vitality in it!

Tomatoes like these aren’t growing or vital and are food that in principle the body doesn’t need, for in fact, this is a collection of all kinds of chemical elements. And even though they nourish my body, this is not at all what should be from nature. Finally, we are only now beginning to discover in what manner these actions influence us, whether there is a connection between them, social morality, and our world view.

Together with this, within me there could be a replacement not only of the internal programs but also the elements of my body themselves. There was a time, 10-15 years ago, when we thought that hackers who inserted viruses into a computer could only harm the computer programs but not the system itself. Eventually, we became aware that they can also harm the computer itself.

We don’t imagine the consequences of consuming genetically modified food. Nothing in the world should be changed in such a manner. But on the other hand, in distancing ourselves from nature, we are beginning to understand what kind of a blind alley we have entered. In other words, this is the law of denial. And even though our “beast” isn’t particularly suffering, the “human” in us will become worse and worse. And that is how it will be with everything! Otherwise, there cannot be any recognition of evil.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/9/14

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