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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do “prophetic” dreams exist?

Answer: There are people who can predict the future. They enter a special state of trance, as if sleeping, and can see the events that will happen in the future. In real life, these states are yet to be manifested, but they can be seen in a dream state.

Comment: It turns out that some dreams are triggered by past experiences that remain in a person, and other dreams reveal the future, as if we are able to connect to a higher flow of information.

Answer: Yes, this is possible, because each of us has a program of everything that will happen to him before the end of this life, and maybe beyond. And if a person possesses special abilities that allow him to see the future, then he can predict it.

There have been seers such as this throughout history.Throughout the ages, people used them, but in the end, they were usually killed for making unwanted forecasts. It is no coincidence that the future is hidden from us. It is better not to know what is waiting for us and to try to build a future for oneself, thinking it as if is in our power.

Animals do not make any plans for the future, except for the instinctive storing of food for the winter. They do not do it consciously but instinctively. And if a person knew his future, he would just commit suicide because his life would lose all meaning. Therefore, nature has deprived us of the ability to see the future.

However, due to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we have the opportunity to improve our future. We can rise above our programmed destiny provided that we can rise to the level where this program of the future was written and then are able to enter that computer, the correct folder, and re-program our entire life anew.

We ourselves will be able to plan the coming intermediate steps and change all the states we go through, except the final one. The final state refers to a higher degree, which we are now unable to reach.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that this is the best and perfect state. And if we want to advance towards it along a good path, we must study it and understand from this how we can gradually realize this bright future at every stage of our development.

Starting today, I can draw to myself the fragments of a good future and realize them right now in my life. This is the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah that teaches us how to realize our good future.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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